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User Review

the chug & the 90Z. - Reviews Ecler SMAC 32

Saver ...

(No FX send / return) (...)

("With a jack anything is possible ..." / i)


tek / hip-hop



no noise.

EQ -20 / 10 if I souveins well ... (To check)

but excellent, perfect!



ITS crystaline.

the ecler is nothing to ... it passes the sound of vinyl to the amp ...

(Reference of the biggest night WORLD ..> 1 Millionns ..)


if you put the 1 dB gain, traxx regain its fishing deep enough, even the slack + trax .. on the other hand for traxx "enough hovering" on fall a little bass / fader inclined and / or gain or -2 - ... (These are approximations ..)

Note to use especially with a good amp like QSC Audio Mini (hip-hop) bridled "ON" or 0dB (without) for bass boxes ..


95-2000 ~ in the perfect model ..

(The model above version of "8" channels, possesses in + FX bus send / return)

So enough brupt table /

such as the "technics" used for the world cup-DMC DJ ... (Cross bp + short)

the (+)

the MIC "adjustable" ...

the (-)

we need monitors (2 stereo + stereo + rec ..)

because we choose either channel A or B or 2 at a time (without balance between output / headphones)

and therefore a good (+) to adjust the gains. (ON EAR)