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User Review

Nice monitors for the $$$ - Reviews Behringer Truth B2031A

Thee actie speakers sound terrific and offer a lot of user control...

1. Built-in 265-Watt power amp with enormous power reserve
2. Long-throw 8 3/4" woofer with special polypropylene diaphragm and deformation-resistant aluminum die-cast chassis Ultra-linear frequency response from 50 Hz to 21 kHz with individual frequency diagrams
3. Ultra-high resolution ferrofluid-cooled tweeter
4. Controlled dispersion characteristics and extremely large “sweet spot” owing to the unique BEHRINGER wave guide technology Active crossover network with 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters
5. Adjustable to a wide range of acoustic conditions and subwoofer operation
6. Separately controlled limiter for low and high frequency overload protection
7. Automatic standby mode (defeatable)
8. Magnetic shielding allows placement near computer monitors
9. Delivered as “matched pairs” with individual frequency diagrams
10. Servo-balanced inputs with XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors
11. High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
12. Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany
13. Ultra-linear frequency range from 60 Hz to 23 kHz
14. High power handling capability (100 W / IEC268-5) produces full-range output with extremely low distortion
15. Phase-optimized and high-precision crossover for absolute phase linearity
16. Auto overload protection prevents tweeter damage and resets automatically
17. Powerful 5 1⁄2" woofer with extremely light-weight cellulose cone and high-resolution 1⁄2" tweeter
18. Solid protective grille and exceptionally rugged construction for long life and durability
19. Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany


Works as a nice stereo pair for my setup...I use it as near fields for home recording...They are accurate and sound terrific...Anyone who discounts these because of the name on them deserves to miss the boat...These are awesome for the price...

They have some VERY useful room adjustments on the back for highs, mids, and lows...Super easy to dial them into your setup...And believe me, once properly adjusted - they simply rule...

The entire spectrum is well balanced...The 5.5 throws out more bass than I expected...It is a great reference speaker- or pair depending on you...

The sound is exactly what you put in...If you do bass-heavy music, you probably want to add a sub...But if you just want the rock thump of a kick drum- you are covered with the 2031A...


I like the fact that you can adjust them to your room...Very nice feature....The power is clean and clear....The speakers can handle a lot of sound and stay faithful to the truth, hence the name.... :)

For the moolah, you won't find better...For twice as much you might...

WOuld totally buy again if and when I open the B Room...

Overall a terrific product...Great features, great sound...Great manual....

They are a tad heavy but hey, they are active...

And, since no one else has done this yet...