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User Review

all about the price - Reviews Dynaudio BM6A

The technical features that motivated my choice to get a pair of Dyna Audio BM6A
monitors are the size of the monitors and the sound quality. The size is the perfect size for near field monitors and perfect for near field listening. I also like that these monitors are self powered and do not require an external power amp. I use these speakers with Pro Tools and a Digi 002 rack version.


The sound quality of the Dyna Audio BM6As
is very full and clean. They represent an accurate portrayal of what is being played and it is nice to be able to get a mix that sounds good on these and that will transfer well to other sets of speakers. The stereo image is more than satisfactory as it portrays a wide sound that covers the full range of human hearing. It is crisp sounding and has a nice low end response as well as a nice sounding mid range and high end. The dynamics are accurate as well, and I would say that these monitors have an overall great sounding that is true to what you are playing through them.


I've been using the Dyna Audio BM6As for about three years. My favorite thing about them is just the overall sound quality. The price is also a big upside for these monitors, as they are very reasonably priced. I also have a pair of Yamaha NS10s and these are much fuller sounding in comparison, although they are more expensive. These have come down in price in the last few years, making them an even better choice for monitors. Mackie is known for making well made products, and these monitors are some of their best. I plan to hold on to my Dyna Audio BM6As for a while as they are great sounding monitors at a great price.