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Comments about the feature article: How to position studio monitors - forum Active Monitor

How to position studio monitors
Here are a few recommendations for optimizing the placement (and therefore, the sound) of your home studio monitors.

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instead of placing on stands, suspend from the ceiling. "aircraft" cable works well. Form a "wooden" swing (like at a playground), place some isolation material under the monitors on the "swing"

make sure you've anchored into a ceiling joist ofd solid lumber backing (I wouldn't rely on 'swag' hooks)
Mmm, interesting idea! Even if I guess that most of people prefer to use stands rather than making holes in their ceiling, the idea look good :)
it's good to be a homeowner!

and really not any more of an infringement on the walls and ceilings than attaching diffusers, baffles, and traps!

If I could attach a photo I'd send one!
StainlessB > you actually can attach a picture even if it's not as immediate as we would hope :)
1. go to your member page on the "images" page : https://en.audiofanz…rs/615480/photos/
2. Click on "add an image" on the right
3. Upload an image with a title (optional)
4. Click on the image (it might not appear immediately but if you click you will see the image)
5. Right click => copy image URL (on the full size image)
6. put the image link in your post with the tag

I promise that we will implement the "attach" feature in the future...

You can also do it differently: upload the picture on the "monitors" category:
I'll be back in town Sunday- I'll get a photo or 2 posted then!

Thanks a lot! I'm impatient to see how it looks :-)
here's a link (I think) to a photo

sorry, took me a while to remember