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Studio bundle? or the expensive way? - forum KRK VXT4

So i have tested out KRK's VXT 4 and i love it

problem is, they cost too much for being 4's. 4's however is perfect for my rooms size.. but i am going to pair it with a sub and i dont know how the vxt 4 will sound with a 10 sub.

the price for the vxt 4 and sub10 will cost over 1200 +tax

i was on and i see their bundle.
KRK RP-6 series
MXL 990 and 991 (crap mics from reviews...haven't tried)
2 mic stands
speaker cables
mic cables
Audio technica Cheapy headphones ALL FOR $399.00 (but ih ave to pay for customs and shipping to canada)

my main concern however is speakers. would this be a good buy? i would still have to buy a better mic and headphones later. but krk RP 6's good for about 400 by itself.. its just extra free crap. im confused.. help!
I've heard that for the most part, the RP-6 monitors are very nice except maybe being too strong in the highs. But most people seem to think that they're worth their price. But of course, i'm sure you can get better if you spend more. but will the gain in quality justify the extra price....

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