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User Review

Dependable studio monitors on a budget - Reviews KRK Rokit Powered 6

The KRK Rokit 6 studio monitors are powered speakers that deliver equivalent sound quality to any other pair of monitors in the 'budget' price range. The speaker can take an XLR or TRS cable for input. The only real controls are a volume dial and a HF emphasis dial. Other than that it is pretty much plug and play.
I compared the Rokit 6 monitors to the Rokit 5 monitors at my local music store before I purchased them. Although a loud music store is not the most ideal listening environment to compare monitors, I noticed that the Rokit 6s had more low-end than the Rokit 5s. I thought it was worth the money to spend a little extra to get the larger woofer.


The KRK Rokit 6 monitors deliver a decent amount of clarity for the sounds they produce. The frequency spectrum isn't delivered perfectly flat, but this also depends highly on the acoustic environment the speakers are located in. I recommend listening a several locations in a room to hear how your mix is going to sound. If you only listen directly in front of the speakers within 3-6 feet, you are likely to add in too much bass or low-end. Conversely, sitting next to a wall will likely emphasize the low-end because this is where bass frequencies build-up. Do your self a favor a listen to a mix on a variety of speakers (headphones, car speakers, cheap boombox, and KRK Rokit 6s) before you deliver a mix to a client or send it off to be published/printed. Many times you will notice obvious things to fix on a mix after you have heard it through different speakers. I also recommend getting very familiar to how your speakers sound by listening to professional mixes through them by bands that you like.


For musicians looking for a pair for monitors for their home studios, the KRK Rokit 6 speakers are a reasonable choice. Unless your home studio is properly set up with acoustic treatment, room dimensions, and isolated from other sound sources (computer noise, performing insturments, etc) investing in super high-end, expensive speakers is a bit of a waste of money. There are obvious advantages to mixing on nice speakers than a typical boombox stereo, which make the Rokit 6s a reasonable purchase.