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User Review

Perfect for first monitors - Reviews M-Audio BX8a

At the time of my choice, around 2004, I compared all the models available in the store. These were the most expensive (450 €, they dropped a lot since then), but they were spraying others: powerful sound, light, big bass and fine treble, quite the opposite of his other cardboard models presented. I wanted the first monitors to improve my level of musical production in electronic music. I have never regretted my choice.


I have a certain perspective on the BX8a because I had three other models since. So I can tell you that the BX8a are flattering in the bass. It told me many times when I used them, and regularly was told that my mixes lacked bass to my surprise. When you finish your mix on your BX8a, consider adding 2 or 3dB bass (fast compared to the time relative to Event Opal and Dynaudio BM6A MKII, in both cases, good 2 dB difference on low) .
Apart from that, the curve is relatively reliable BX8a. I note a slight hollow in the upper medium, which makes up the silky and pleasant spectrum BX8a if you compare with other models, you will feel that others will howl in your ears for this reason. However, none of my mixes at the time did pose a serious defect in the upper midrange so far.
The stereo image is very correct, no problems on that side.
Dynamic side, there on the other hand I did not say good. All mix I made above now appear too little compressed, my sound seemed dry. I tend to always add dynamics to a sharp sound, it was not necessary. Do not try at all costs to reveal incisive transients on BX8a, you will improve anything. This is the criterion for improvement of this model, but do not go so far as to conclude that the dynamics is not respected, it's just not 100% perfect what ...


I used BX8a from 2004 to 2010, they allowed me to sign on a number of labels (including a major). They are well enough to start, do not underestimate these monitors.
Today, I no longer used for production. However, I could never bring myself to sell them, because I still love. Their sound is powerful, we face full of cum, the bass is deep, the highs are clear, it is a pleasure to listen to his favorite music on. Five colleagues who heard me at the time I was mixing it chose to buy the same model, that's how their sound is mesmerizing.
I had other models from: Prodipe Pro Ribbon 8 (sold quickly because I've never been able to do on the acute ribbons, I was mixing my treble as a badger), and Dynaudio BM6A MKII and Event Opal (after long hesitation with Focal Twin) today, necessarily, for anything I would separate me from my Opal, so I can not say if I would do this choice, conditions have changed. Yet the BX8a remain for me the monitors that have the most pleasant of all the models I've heard (yes, the higher the range of speakers, the sound is clear and forgives nothing, so the sound will not seem pleasant but rather horrible to mediocre mix). You just accept to take BX8a for what they are: excellent monitors to leave his first prods, knowing that your mix will seem to have more bass than it actually was and that it will compress a little more than what you looks perfect on BX8a.
If you are looking for first monitors: go ahead, will accompany the BX8a few years and you will get good results without ear fatigue, for a low price, and you will be proud to listen to your mix on to your friends as the sound is punchy and clean. If you want monitors in order to have a large loyal to replace your speakers or your hi-fi multimedia speakers, they are ideal. If you are looking for microscopes for his mastering: put another 1000 € aside to take a beefier model, BX8a not suffice.