Sorry for the newbie question.
I'm about to buy the Presonus Eris 3.5 monitors and the Focusrite Solo 3rd Gen USB audio interface.
I intend to connect the speakers using the balanced TRS inputs but i'm confused as to which cable to buy as there is so many to choose from.
There are mono, stereo, unblanced and balanced...
I assume i need balanced ? as both the speakers and interface have balanced TRS but do i need mono or stereo, i'm just so confused and dont want to buy the wrong thing
I have emailed a couple of shops i have been looking at the gear from and both have given me different answers

Please can someone help and maybe link to the type of cable i need

Someone advised these https://www.amazon.c…ble/dp/B004244B6Y

But looks like they are stereo cables and as i would need two dont they need to be mono ?

Many Thanks