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User Review

Top Notch - Reviews Yamaha HS8

Power is forcment the appointment. We obtain frequencies that do not flatter pieces except better mixes, and it subsequently falls directly imperfections. It is noted that the addition of a subwoofer becomes optional, due to the ability to reproduce the low frequencies of these speakers. However, in view of a mastering in 5.1, I highly recommend it.

I essentially serve with m-audio firewire 1814 and small cables XLR / Jack for more quality. I basically consists of electro, rock, pop, jazz mainstream, even though I love getting the most out of the speakers to experiment rather-in Logic Pro X connected my keyboard be.


The stro image is excellent, after proper positioning of the speakers (ear height for tweeters, foam or gym mats as insulation placed below), the pieces of my Itunes library in Apple Lossless comes with a really startling transparency. The sound is clear, and it prcis redcouvre songs.

The frquence curve is neutral (normal for this type of hardware), but I highly recommend these speakers rather than 8 HS HS HS 5 or 7, which are only models of rduits their big sister. Unless they are second hand. I wanted to acqurir departure of Focal CMS 40 and compared SIZE / QUALITY / PRICE, I prfr them.

For mastering, it is the ideal equipment issue.


The price-quality ratio and most comptitif in this kind of hardware. Indeed, the reputation of HS from Yamaha no longer do, and this rdition only confirms the speaker reputation who have heard of the securities of the greatest artists of the world. Certainly there better (Focal to name a few), but this level is the intermediary that amply suffice any amateur or semi-profrssionel his fanatic.

I prviens all readers, once purchased, you are stupid you Sparer, and only admirers of another brand opt for diffrentes speakers. They must be compltes with BON hardware and the quality of wiring in a compatible practice environment. I am also very critical of M-Audio speakers that do not measure up in a comparative test.

For those who visit, go try them out.
For those who ask for a future purchase, go buy them.

Ps: I do not work for Yamaha Corp.