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User Review

Nothing to envy the top VA today range - Reviews Oberheim OB-12

The basic features are mentioned everywhere.

some details of the arpeggiation, multi timbralité and effects:

1 program consists of stamp (s) (1 to 4)
it is possible to stacker / splitter to note loan
against by,
effects apply to a program and not a stamp.
the arpeggiator apply to a program and not a stamp.
However, it is possible to zone notes and stamps that are targeted
the object of the program in arpeggiation.
The order of effects (overdrive, chorus, reverb, delay) is configurable
(You have to get a sub menu, the overdrive is mono by default after the chorus ...).
Ability to synchronize time with the arpeggiator lfo 1 stamp program.
It syncro speed but not the phase.
Possibility sync speed time also (in a submenu deep well too :))

behavior unison squatting 3 note polyphony
(Polyphony is limited to 12):
it is possible to support more than 4 notes, it will skip some layers unison,
but it will not feel too much.

The ribbon can control two parameters simultaneously,
against by the velocity and aftertouch can affect a lot of parameters simultaneously

Possibility to have 2 filters (series, parrallel or split)
resonance and the cut off is common to the two filters, but it is possible to enter a delta (static timing delay of the second cutoff filter from the first).


Some bemoan the latency potentiometers.
Personally I think it is rather an advantage!
This allows to see what value was a parameter.

I think the issue is simple,
there just has the morphing that I find completely risky
(Can not set the speed morph despite editing values ​​in the grid dedicated)
more having to press a button to instantiate a movement that morphing loop not (anyway the sound morphs is so "glitchy" I do not use it)

I use it as synth game, no insertion test in a mix has been made.
The ergonomics are good, the "fun factor" generated is enormous.

Statistically in 2 months, I create as many patches with the sum all vsti tested in 1 year. Being very fussy, I put at least 1 hour for a patch.


Many testimonies mention the experimental side of this synthesizer,
but in reality it is quite capable of producing "classic" sound.

You should see his digital side "buggy" as an asset, its flaws give it character!
(Same principle as the shortcomings of analog, it's just the nature of the imperfections that are not the same)

The juicy side of the filter, the musicality of the chorus = pads of hyperspace!
The Delta 2 cutoff filters (pseudo formants) = leads singing!
(For leads, hard sync serious tears too)
fm + sync + + RingMod modulation.delai inimitable = fx
the reverb is "filthy" when the decay too long but when it is short (0.2s = mini), it generates a realistic presence with musicality filters, eg possibility of realistic brass.
accumulated forms of tilt gives access to organ sounds.
for electric pianos, given the setting of expressiveness, he is doing very well too!
and of course the overdrive gives access to the sound of electric guitar, but even without it he go in anyway!

All this to say that this synthesizer is extremely versatile,
industrial / fx is only a small part of its potential.


I average one patch per day, and I'm 50 patches.

Prior to its acquisition I tested the north lead 4, and frankly there is not much to envy
(Aside the polyphony, and again ... because the OB12 has the supersaw on osc 1 ...)
modulations North lead 4 are much more limited (eg lfo on one single parameter).

Meanwhile I tested the 08 prophet, the prophet 12, the mophox4 the PolyEvolver the minibruite the virus ti2.

For each model mentioned above, I made a recording zoom h2.
(Ditto for OB12), I tried to be as objective as possible.
They each have their strong point.
But faced with these big monsters, in terms of sound quality the OB12 is doing really well.

Paid 450 euros, given the other models tested, I would say that its price / quality ratio is ... unbeatable.