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Comments about the news item: An ARP 2600 DIY clone soon available - forum The Human Comparator Two Thousand Six Hundred

Zthee, aka The Human Comparator, is working on the prototype of a DIY clone of the ARP 2600 analog synth called Two Thousand Six Hundred, or TTSH.

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Hi, I just came to say the article is wrong - Pre-wired means you don't have to run wires between the jacks / parts. It will not be pre-built. So it's not minimum soldering, it's maximum soldering! -zthee (
Hello zthee,
Thanks for correcting the news. This information was taken from the muffwiggler forum where you said:
Everything is prewired and PCB mounted on the board. Slides and jacks. So there is minimal wiring to be done. (CV, gate + trig and speakers.).

So I guess there were changes in the final design.
Cheers !