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User Review

jed's review - Oberheim OB-Xa

I think it went well vinceblood expressed on this ... I will not here too caratristiques its own (not quick or envelopes, filter ... but not aggressive or plutt the sound of synth gnral)

My MODEL is 8 voice polyphony / 120 programs and the noon (Mountain of the last of the era MODELS).

- It has the possibility of rlger pans of all the ways that indoor Expanded sound. In the outgoing stro, we get a super large one plus the possibility to go into effect stro ...

- Its weight and dimensions are quite leves. In addition, the stability of boards and components do not make a synth Designed for dplacements wild. It's a synth amricain (like Moog and Prophet SCI) and their poor ahrit to ask a reputable prchauffage before use.
And yes, it's a living BCAN and scrolls ... This may be the low point and highlight both ;-)


- It is the RSID o the power of the Oberheim OB SERIES gnrale in: their simplicity!
It can download any factory patches easily on the internet and rinsrer in the synth. And we meet all 120 programs are Different.

The edition of the sounds is simple and clear, thanks in part to the large panel and switches that are placed intelligently.

Possibility to edit according to manual, which contains all true rglages of knobs and not rglages memory: trs useful!

The modulation is part of OB sries ... Two joysticks fawn airplane pilot that are super effective. Should we still be able and know how to use!


Ha, finally, I waited to get this picture with impatience!
The OBXA is not a machine like the others. Compared too often wrong with the Jupiter 8 and Prophet 5 when he has nothing do with.

Really, he is able to sound out the sweetness of an angel and when pushed a bit into a corner, then a rise in bte dmoniaquepeut ... Lol I'm not kidding, believe me!

In my opinion, this is THE machine for pads and leads. how many groups have used ... I know he is capable of making good trs low because it is one of synths that does not lose too low when you go up the rsonance the filter. But I find that other synths do better than him then ...

'll Cost me with the DMOS Fully couraging obxa in the forum and the topic "My com 100% OB-XA". You will find all links on page 6 to cost 3 DMOS which show a wide stretched sound that can come bte. Look for a little more in the forum and you will find other DMOS diffrent, more aggressive, shorter etc ...


It's been a year now I have my big bb and I can not get enough. I understand why it is hard to find now. People want more but all homeowners do not want it Sparer: too prcieux ... I understand. Besides, I either I do not spare finally until it loose.

I love especially for pads, leads (or the soft vangelis or aggressive the Van Hallen). It is also capable of outputting sounds like those found in the albums of AIR ... Queen ... Vangelis ...

- The use of split mode allows both hands to work directly with the left pad and a lead right. It's great practice to find Młoda.
- The use of dual mode increases the potato sounds. It may contain eg the same patch of duplication and drgler their tuning, which grazed on his back!
- The use of unison mode uses 8 channels on a single note, and j'vous not tell you to take the slap in the speakers when you set off. APRS can use the dual mode and mode unison both what divides unison with 4 channels per note and gives a different timbre to the sound.

Finally you see that even if the obxa is not a synth sound research, even when it allows for lots of things in s'explorer cratives. I think people who want or possdent this synth are aware of everything I say and in the end, they s'intressent more at LEGEND CHARACTERISTICS own this synth.

@ + Good and MUCH ;-)