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Antari Z-II

Antari Z-380 Fazer

User reviews on Antari Z-II products

A must have special effect installation to boost up your party! (Antari - Z-1200 II)

By Charity Mae Dorado, 15/08/2018
This Fog machine gives a thrilling experience in any party. This created a special mysterious type of entrance during my birthday party. Very cool! Eyes were all on me. Antari Z-1200 II is the real deal here! This fog generator is sporting a 1200-watt header that allows impactful 18,000 cubic foot output per minute. Also, this entry-level of Z-Series II can create fog from a compact unit that operates on a standard 120V outlet. For bookings, you may contact: PROPSAV used this during my party and they made the party I had in mind come to life.

Good machine that does its job (Antari - Z-350 Fazer)

By nicosy10, 03/06/2014
I just made the purchase of this little machine in a little show for Antari dinner with karaoke night. Use 1 for the moment.
The start is simple, one filled, one branch and 4 minutes after it is ready.
Do not really knowing how it would react in a room 200M ² (without HVAC system) I start 4 hours before the show, it did not take him 30 minutes to complete the whole room a fine mist and do not mind.

As it was a dinner show I preferred to stop and back on the road just before the start, no one came to complain about smoke during dinner oufff ...

The fog remained very thin and without packet which is great for such a small machine. very linear production.
They really super good job, one little thing that can disturb this is that it responds with a short delay, and a small pump noise but very discreet ...
She remained on at least 19h at 2am, I had consumed 20cl product very economical.

I think this machine as a very good price / quality ratio, in time to see how it will behave and in larger rooms, after three weeks here in a room of 400m ² we see it as in her belly.

I think she got a little place in the provider seeking a small machine do its job properly.

I do expect to have several show or evening to give me a review of its behavior in time.

I would say perfectly economical (Antari - Z-1200 II)

By dj charle jean, 09/03/2011
I use it occasionally. The least: nothing to say Plus: Consumption! I'm running just to have a hazy and occasionally three seconds back was the story flow from the reservoir level p does not move or very little I'm not going to empty my can ... if DMX control deadly! with remote perfect as the heating time correct! This is my first smoke machine Very good price! yes but with liquid or jem martin!

Love (Antari - Z-1500 II)

By arizona65, 07/06/2010
For how long have you been using it?
7 months

Did you try many other models before getting this one?
yes I had little machines that I tried at 80 €. Then I tried the 800 magnum Martin and Antari Z 1020

What thing do you like most/least about it?
+ Impressive throughput
+ Tank large enough
+ The remote is really great, I love it since the first time I saw a function Z 1500 it's been 3 years now
+ 2 handles for carrying
+ DMX operation with inputs and outputs on XLR pin 3 and 5
+ DMX addressing via the LCD remote control

- Er? I have not found any negatives except maybe the weight and size? But he must know what you want: the power and optimize the flow or the size of the unit

What is your opinion about the value for the price?
Wow, I got it for 350 € so new super interesting

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
Yes absolutely. Except that at the time for 40 € more I could have the Z3000. But now and frankly, nothing wrong