I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction of what I could do to fix this issue I am having.

I am using two Saffire Pro 40s on a windows operating system. Both are connecting to the computer. I can record into my DAW from both units. But the outputs of the second saffire isn't corresponding. When I open up Mix Control, I can only work on the first Pro 40. When I try and switch to the second Pro 40 the system freezes and gives this notice.

"This version of saffire mix control is out of date with the respect to the connected device. Continuing may make your saffire inoperable and the program will now close"

The only thing I have done different with the second Pro 40 was hook it up to my roommates Mac. (So I could use it in standalone mode. Using the mix control 3.9 version, before my desktop had a firewire card.)
Now that I'm using my Windows Desktop with the highest version of Mix Control available 3.7. The second Pro 40 is asking for the 3.9 in order to make changes.

Is there a way to clear the driver/firmware in the second Pro 40 safely. So when I plug it in to my desktop it will download the right configuration to use the Mix Control 3.7 instead of wanting 3.9... Or am I stuck always using my Roommates Mac to make adjustments to the second Pro 40?