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User Review

Small vintage guitar banjo very nice - Reviews Framus Guitare Banjo 6 cordes

This is a banjo guitar made in Germany. Mine was built in August 1971 (info found on the site of Vintage Framus, and with the serial number), and purchased by my father during his military service in Germany (I've read that somewhere it seems to me ...).
After a trip to the luthier for adjustments and slight repair (it had been stored without cover in a corner of the room for almost 20 years ..... Dad, it's not going at all! A tool that respects itself, regardless of value), I can give you some characteristics of the instrument:
- Mahogany solid good quality (unusual for the time, the brand and type of instrument)
- Cash plywood, veneered in maple on the outside (always check the inside of the box as it is often prone to cracks not visible from the outside with the weather and climate change)
- The tuners are original and not terrible I must confess (I think I will change in the near future).
-The skin is original and in very good condition.
-Keys and her easel Rosewood (but which one??)
-Decorative frames are often slightly bent as thin and very fragile, but it is only a cosmetic issue and does not affect the sound.

Not being banjoist, this instrument allows to have the sound of banjo (very nice in bluegrass, country ....) without having to learn the basics.
I play mainly fingers. To know that this type of instrument has a much shorter sustain a guitar, but this is quite normal.
I've installed the strings classical guitar folk, "bronze", shooting 12-53 (because of its short pitch) of at D'Addario, but I intend to try another type of string to find the desired sound.

The value of the instrument is not very high (I think 150 to 250 € now), so do not put too much money in the restoration of such a beast, unless justified by its sentimental value ... . (For me, the full adjustment and rehabilitation frets and mechanical, have cost me € 50 and I do not know if I would have been more.)


The handle is quite nice, and I have small hands ...
Access to acute is easy enough.
on the other hand it is not easy to find the right position to play when we sat down, and its weight is really so.


I think I will complete in a few times because I just recovered (the maker of home) and just starting to really enjoy it.


I think I will complete in a few times because I just recovered (the maker of home) and just starting to really enjoy it.