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User Review

Berzin's review - Framus Guitare Banjo 6 cordes

This is a banjo guitar (six strings) Framus brand, manufactured in Germany, some Yadji dcnnies.


The mache is fairly mild, less than a modern guitar high-end, but it is correct. Its shape allowed the game sitting, unless you play as a classical guitarist, with the instrument resting on the left thigh. Due mcaniques serving tender skin, the weight is enough consquent. Access in acute is very simple. The mcaniques are not sensational, however, the handle is solid, unlike many of the products Framus era that used wood LDes agglomrs.


The hardest, as noted by the other user is in a spirit of play banjo. I play with fingers, but I could never give me the tabs. The instrument brings bluegrass, jazz (Dixieland style) get creative and friendly. The sound is powerful, less clean than a Gibson banjo (the price is not the same) but it is equally endearing.


This instrument has t purchased new by my first military service in Berlin in 1967. It still has its original skin and tui fabric pods. IDAL is an instrument for those who want to do a little banjo without STUDY SPECIFICATIONS technology with 4 and 5 strings.