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User Review

Changes life - Reviews Tech 21 VT Bass

All already been said. Only criticism one could make is it the lack of DI but personally I do not need.


Easy to use, the knobs are progressive and efficient. The few factory presets are useful and effective, then you turn the knobs ...


This pedal has literally transformed my amps, a venerable Peavey 115TKO sound a bit flat and a Hartke 3500 head with cab TP410. The sound is simply enriched, it takes a fullness, a grain, impossible to achieve with simple adjustments amps presence.
The record is, however, a low variable to another. I enjoy my 3 bass but especially on my passive fretless (Luthman Wave).


I always use it since I got it. Only downside for me, the position on the ground, a rack would be more practical to make adjustments. But I do not change that much. It's really more that transforms a merely decent amp, in good amp.