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Reviews Bass Amp Simulator

Tech 21 VT Bass DI Review

A New Bass Pedal in Town The VT Bass DI offers vintage tone and lots of handy features. How does it compare to Tech 21's other VT Bass products? read more…

Tech 21 Characters Series VT Bass Deluxe Review

At Your Beck and Call... Following the Red Ripper, let's check out the new VT Bass version released by Tech 21. The unit is a preamp in stompbox format. It simulates the sound of the legendary SVT amps from a manufacturer whose name is unnecessary to mention. since you are all very cultivated. Many AF members have praised this system in the forums and asked for a review of the Deluxe version. That's why we decided to try it out and give you our opinion. read more…

User reviews on Bass Amp Simulator products

Vox AmPlug Bass Headphone Amp (Vox - amPlug Bass)

By MGR/Bear, 19/05/2010
Looks like a li'l bitty Vox head that plugs directly into your output jack. Plug in your favorite headphones (1/8 in jack)and play anywhere anytime. You can plug in a sound source in a separate jack. (PC, Mp3 player, etc. also with 1/8 in jack.)
Has multiple controls for multiple effects. Has overdrive setting.

I've been playing 4/5 string bass guitars on and off for 40 years. Have sat in/subbed for band members who couldn't make the gig/practice. Play for fun.

Play Classic Rock mostly, Prefer the old 3 man power group stuff like Cream, Blue Cheer and the Hook.

Got this because I needed to play silently, in spaces much smaller than a stage/garage.
Got it online at Musician's Friend, at approx 50 bux just after Christmas 2009.

I like the size, the 2 jacks, the amount of adjustment on such a small unit. It fits VERY snugly in the jack of my current knock-around bass,(Rogue LX205B Series II)Could carry it in a pocket or in the guitar case, as compared to my Carvin stack... Which you could't...

Nothing to dislike so far...

Made of metal/plastic and seems pretty solid, but I wouldn't want to try to break pavement with it... Treat it as you would ANY peice of quality equipment.

So far it has done everything I was told it would do and what I expect it to do.

I rate it Doubleplusgood.

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Tech 21 Sansamp VT Bass Pedal (Tech 21 - VT Bass)

By MGR/Billy, 28/11/2011
Tech 21 is known for their popular line of Sansamp rack mountable units. With the new technology of bass amplification out these days not many guys are using racks, yet rather smaller amp heads that still need a little kick in the pants in the preamp section that Tech 21 is known for delivering.

My friend ended up not using his and let me borrow it to play out with my live rig to see if I dug it. New they cost right around $130. They are very popular right now and pretty tough to find in stock, if you are on the fence grab one, if it is not your cup of tea I am certain you can easily flip it for close to what you paid.

It gets you into the ballpark of an Ampeg SVT tone for about $1000 and 100 pounds less! It can easily be powered by any 9 volt power supply.

You can add just a little grit to simulate some tube breakup or you can this thing into full overdrive mode similar to an Electro Harmonix Big Muff.

I was hoping for just a little more in the sub low end department. They can really make or break you if you are playing a room with big ceilings and concrete floors.

I wish there was an XLR out on it. BTW I have seen mods for this, I just have not done it myself.

A tough aluminum box, a red LED light to let you know if the pedal is on or off. The knobs starting from the top left and moving to the bottom right: Level, Mid, Character, Drive, Low and High. The finish of this is a nice powder coat, if kept well it should last a long time.

A simple and effective way to spice up your bass tone. A great unit to toss in your gig bag in case you need to use a house amp, yet still keep the integrity of 'your tone'

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If you want to buy the Sans Amp, try this and save money!!! (Behringer - V-Tone Bass BDI21)

By fredolee16, 02/02/2015
First of all keep in mind that this behringer unit of the SansAmp unit is not a overdrive pedal concept. It is a tube emulator so those guys that are trying to bash the pedal because "the drive knob doesn't work well", didn't read or understand the concept of a bass driver pedal (tech 21 or Behringer BDI21). I play bass three times per week. Play in a local church but play for a rock band too. I play bass since 2000 and have several basses and other stuff. From 2003, the Tech 21 SansAmp bass driver was my main trick to my sound. For whatever reason, I decided to sold it to try something different but every stuff I tried doesn't give me that warm like Geddy Lee sound that I loved. I see this Behringer in a local store and immediately noted that is a copy of my loved Sans Amp bass driver so, for $30 I decide to take the risk. What a surprise. It is almost identically. I my opinion sounds a little bit better because has a little more midrange so I find it that it add less color to my sound than the Sans Amp so it's a little bit easier to find a clean sound. Yes, it is plastic, but I take care of my stuff so this is not a problem. This unit or the Tech 21 are excellent for passive basses. I can't play my jazz bass without this thing. It simply add punch to my bass and that warm sound that I really love to play rock. The other difference that I find with this and the Sans Amp is that the Sans Amp has a little more output than this but I just add more volume and bingo. The bass driver pedals add a little color to your sound so even when it has a "clean sound setting" it's a little hard to find a super clean sound so If you love a super clean sound, maybe this or the sansamp are not the pedal for you. Remember that this is a tube emulator. If you love a little warm sound (especially to play rock) you will love this unit.

News Bass Amp Simulator

Vox upgrades its AmPlug guitar/headphone amps

Published on 09/05/14
The mini amps for headphones and guitar/bass from Vox are now available in a new enhanced version.

Audiffex lowers its prices

Published on 03/05/13

Two new Tech 21 VT Bass preamps

Published on 02/13/13

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