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Reviews Bass Amp Simulator

Tech 21 VT Bass DI Review

A New Bass Pedal in Town The VT Bass DI offers vintage tone and lots of handy features. How does it compare to Tech 21's other VT Bass products? read more…

Tech 21 Characters Series VT Bass Deluxe Review

At Your Beck and Call... Following the Red Ripper, let's check out the new VT Bass version released by Tech 21. The unit is a preamp in stompbox format. It simulates the sound of the legendary SVT amps from a manufacturer whose name is unnecessary to mention. since you are all very cultivated. Many AF members have praised this system in the forums and asked for a review of the Deluxe version. That's why we decided to try it out and give you our opinion. read more…

User reviews on Bass Amp Simulator products

If you want to buy the Sans Amp, try this and save money!!! (Behringer - V-Tone Bass BDI21)

By fredolee16, 02/02/2015
First of all keep in mind that this behringer unit of the SansAmp unit is not a overdrive pedal concept. It is a tube emulator so those guys that are trying to bash the pedal because "the drive knob doesn't work well", didn't read or understand the concept of a bass driver pedal (tech 21 or Behringer BDI21). I play bass three times per week. Play in a local church but play for a rock band too. I play bass since 2000 and have several basses and other stuff. From 2003, the Tech 21 SansAmp bass driver was my main trick to my sound. For whatever reason, I decided to sold it to try something different but every stuff I tried doesn't give me that warm like Geddy Lee sound that I loved. I see this Behringer in a local store and immediately noted that is a copy of my loved Sans Amp bass driver so, for $30 I decide to take the risk. What a surprise. It is almost identically. I my opinion sounds a little bit better because has a little more midrange so I find it that it add less color to my sound than the Sans Amp so it's a little bit easier to find a clean sound. Yes, it is plastic, but I take care of my stuff so this is not a problem. This unit or the Tech 21 are excellent for passive basses. I can't play my jazz bass without this thing. It simply add punch to my bass and that warm sound that I really love to play rock. The other difference that I find with this and the Sans Amp is that the Sans Amp has a little more output than this but I just add more volume and bingo. The bass driver pedals add a little color to your sound so even when it has a "clean sound setting" it's a little hard to find a super clean sound so If you love a super clean sound, maybe this or the sansamp are not the pedal for you. Remember that this is a tube emulator. If you love a little warm sound (especially to play rock) you will love this unit.

Changes life (Tech 21 - VT Bass)

By eminent2000, 23/10/2014
All already been said. Only criticism one could make is it the lack of DI but personally I do not need.


Easy to use, the knobs are progressive and efficient. The few factory presets are useful and effective, then you turn the knobs ...


This pedal has literally transformed my amps, a venerable Peavey 115TKO sound a bit flat and a Hartke 3500 head with cab TP410. The sound is simply enriched, it takes a fullness, a grain, impossible to achieve with simple adjustments amps presence.
The record is, however, a low variable to another. I enjoy my 3 bass but especially on my passive fretless (Luthman Wave).


I always use it since I got it. Only downside for me, the position on the ground, a rack would be more practical to make adjustments. But I do not change that much. It's really more that transforms a merely decent amp, in good amp.

Excellent sound and ease of use (Tech 21 - VT Bass Deluxe)

By manu_kinou, 27/09/2014
See other reviews or the manufacturer's website.


The use is obvious.
I agree with the others in the set.
However, two or three details that warrant further examination:
- I had to return the XLR output jack for my elbow came back under my feet is not much to do, but hey, at least the angled jack is from the cable to the front of the stage and so I not be stepped on.
- Mini boost button is a trap! Indeed, when pressed, the sound takes and we gain a stronger or slightly saturated sound. It can be useful to a passage where the bass should be highlighted ... but how to support it without crouching and fiddling hand gear. No interest in that.
- The effects loop has caused me a lot of trouble. I programmed three sounds in each bank 1 to 3 Passing Channel A to B, I kept the same config, but including the effects loop. I put an MS-60b. This loop is AFTER amplification and therefore sends a signal foolish in the multi-effects thus produced what is commonly called ... well shit! There has Mike Putnam offering for $ 60 to move the loop prior to amplification, but it must send its VTBD next to Buffalo, NY, USA ... Actually, no I will not do it, I'll m ' buy a small looper to ride myself in Musikding and will be connected upstream. End of sketch. Advantage not to use the effects loop, so I can book the "Channel B" versions of my banks to boosted version of my sounds, so I also corrects the failure of boost.

All's well that ends well, but what a pain to get there ...


I do not use the character beyond 12 (+/- dirty distortion). The sounds are large, with lots of body. I love it! I confirm that indicated by the other.

The only downside is the use of the effects loop (see above).


I use it for almost 1 year and half is the centerpiece of my pedalboard. It set me preamp, DI box, booster, equalizer and it beautifies my different bass sounds. It is great when used properly and understanding some small details which may appear insignificant.

It's expensive, but when you love ...

News Bass Amp Simulator

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Published on 09/05/14
The mini amps for headphones and guitar/bass from Vox are now available in a new enhanced version.

Audiffex lowers its prices

Published on 03/05/13

Two new Tech 21 VT Bass preamps

Published on 02/13/13

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