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User reviews on Bass Chorus/Phaser/Flanger products

Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus (Boss - CEB-3 Bass Chorus)

By MGR/Mark S, 17/08/2004
Purchased 5000 Yen ($65Aud) used from Ishibashi music Akihabara Tokyo Japan
Purchased to replace a Boss Bass Chorus CE-2B misplaced when moving

produces a smooth chorus sound tailored for bass.
usable, almost essential, sound
simple rugged and reliable.

When used with a compressor it produces that dreamy sound so loved by later New Wave bands like Duran Duran, Japan ABC use it with a fretless bass and you will find yourself writing songs to go fitt the sound think Pino Paladino on Paul Young's version of "Were Ever I lay My Hat" and this will get his sound down perfect.

Sound wise not quite as good as my old CE-2B but better than the chorus in my ME 50B bass multi effects unit.

I'm not happy with the newer rounded off knobs they use. the older CE-B has only 3 larger knobs set out in a triangle arangment that alow you to tweak on the fly vey easly. The small 4 knobs in a row (they have added a "Low Filter" knob that I just set and forget) are fiddly at best.

like most Boss pedals almost bullet proof

along with a good compression/sustainer pedal the CEB-3 (or the older brother the CE-2B) is THE essential bass pedal for players of softer rock and jazz.

buy it NOW! (Unless you can find a CE-2B then hock your second favourite bass to buy that instead)

Sound wise it's 5 out of 5 but I'll rate it at 4 because I think the small fiddly knobs are a step backwards.

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Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus (Boss - CEB-3 Bass Chorus)

By MGR/Laklander, 01/02/2010
Light blue in the standard Boss stompbox case. Four knobs: effect level, low filter, rate and depth. One input; mono or stereo out for spreading the chorus effect between two amps or two channels of the PA or recording console. 1 9V battery or optional AC Adapter. I've been playing bass professionally for 45 years.

Purchased in 2005 from I wanted a chorus effect for some songs. Paid $69 + shipping

It's easy to use: find the rate and depth you want, adjust the low pass filter for max bottom, dial in the mix of straight bass and chorus and you're all set. I also like the fact that the battery can be replaced by lifting the on/off pad rather than unscrewing four screws on the bottom. I also like having a wide on/off pad rather than a single toggle.

This is an older chorus unit, and I think technology makes today's bass choruses better sounding. I find the stereo effect rather useless live, but nice in recording.

Well-built of heavy gauge aluminum, as are all Bodd pedals.

For not much money, the Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus offers a decent sounding effects for bass that can be useful on solos or atmospheric support line.

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Excellent (Boss - CEB-3 Bass Chorus)

By Edgar Solorzano, 12/08/2015

Hello everyone, i´ve been using this pedal for a year now, and i can tell you it produces a very beautiful sound, i just uploaded a video on youtube using it, come check it out and let me know what you think.
PD: I also got a new aguilar chorusaurus and ill be uploading a video trying it soon.

News Bass Chorus/Phaser/Flanger

[Musikmesse] EBS Black Label pedal for bass

Published on 04/18/15
We told you earlier that EBS was releasing pedals for guitar, but they are also revamping their bass effects in a new Black Label Studio Edition.

Aguilar announces the Chorusaurus

Published on 10/21/14

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