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User Review

THE RAT bassist - Reviews Fuzzrocious Rat Tail

Value For Money : Poor
This is a distortion / OD type Rat. Analog pedal, it has 5 knobs (volume for gain, Filter, which is actually a tone, Distortion for the amount of distortion, 1 & 2 which I will explain the principle one step further) and a switch on top, the input and output jack on the edge of the top, and right on the edge of a small switch and the input for the alim (type Boss). Note that you can not put the battery (the mod may be feasible to purchase ...).


Already a small intro on the brand is. Fuzzrocious held by a couple in New Jersey, Mr. and Mrs. painted built. Ryan himself is adept bassist and distortions of all kinds, hence the idea of ​​building pedals that do better than simple variations for bass that does not work as we had hoped. The principle is often the same: a basic circuit, generally a very nice pedal already in the beginning, he arranges her own way and his taste for something new, better adapted to low but always with superb sound. In short, go after.

Setup is simple, turn the knobs and it sounds. We move from one light to an OD disto though disgusting in some shoots knob (s) and that's fine. Let's not forget the presence of small selector on the side that lets you change the type of diodes which distort the circuit (silicon LED, or nothing) thus providing even broader sonic palette. I think it is very hard not to get what you want, even if we must spend a little time to refine. Speaking to refine the knobs 1 and 2 are used to precisely adjust the "clipping" on the bass and treble frequencies, and it is rather interesting. The manual is available via their website, and consists of a photo that explains what is it knob. But like Ryan, also produces pedals hell is a nice guy like everyone, he will be happy to answer questions by email (in English of course).


So for people who have already tried to connect a low ProcoRAT on, you say that it sounds like there, but keeping everything the basic RAT could eat. Let me explain the low frequencies are there, that's all. You can put the most disto vomissante the world with the Filter tab in the treble, it always happens to save due to low knobs 1 & 2. As I said above, they are truly magical and useful.
The pedal is designed for bassists who want to completely remove dirt without the mix during group play, but also like the guitarists. One of mine is also jealous, he did a poor RAT2.
I love everything about this pedal, and has already used to a bit of everything and anything: OD light before I am a VT Bass mug, then disto though messy, dirty and less, eventually returning to a OD but a little fatter. As I said at the beginning, it is forbidden to be disappointed by this pedal.


I use it since I have, and I use it all the time. I wanted a pedal that can make me an OD stylish, vaguely approximating a tube amp that growls, and it did it well. I also wanted a big disto yucky, and it has also done well. It's simple, I love everything about this pedal.
Question value for money, it's still good when compared to some overpriced dung lying around in freedom. This is the price of a pedal "shop", the problem lies in the shipping and customs when you have no luck. But hey, wholesale for under 200 €, it was a pedal that will keep very very very long time.
If I had to redeem the same, I will opt for the Rat King, who unfortunately did not exist yet when I cracked. It consists of two following Rat Tail, + a feedback loop to put a big bazaar, you can imagine ;)