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Bass Distortions/Overdrives

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Bass Distortions/Overdrives
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Tech 21 Red Ripper Review

Profile of a Killer Today, I won't be gentle: kill the Care Bears, throw the wooden cross of the "Little Singers of Paris" into the fire and make place for the distortion god. read more…

User reviews on Bass Distortion/Overdrive products

A great introduction to bass distortion (Boss - ODB-3 Bass OverDrive)

By JeffTadashi, 12/06/2012
The Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive stompbox is a simple, standard, yellow Boss pedal, probably one of the most common (and cheapest) bass overdrive/distortion pedals out there. It takes standard pedal power or a 9 volt battery (just like most Boss single pedals), and it has a 1/4 guitar line input and guitar line output.


The stomp pedal on the ODB-3, like most Boss pedals, is wide, large, and extremely durable. These pedals are built like tanks, and they are virtually indestructible. That's one good reason they are the industry standard for guitar pedals. The control knobs are all solid, and the pots behind them never get scratchy.


There are four main controls on the Boss ODB-3: Level, EQ, Balance, and Gain. Level controls the overall volume output of the pedal, and has no effect on the actual distortion levels of the effect. This is great for balancing your pedal-off sound with the pedal-on sound, so that the volume boost is minimal, or in some cases, there is a moderate volume boost, if the bass player wants to be louder during certain riffs. The EQ control has two knobs (one inside of the other). These control the bass and treble of the sound. If they are set straight up, they are flat, and this allows for both boost and cut of the highs and lows. This allows you to turn up the treble for thicker, more guitar-like distortion sounds, or turn up the bass if the lows are getting lost behind the fuzz. Next, there is a balance control, and this allows the mixing of the dry bass guitar sound with the affected, distorted sound. This is one of the best controls on here, and it allows you to crank up the distortion, if desired, but still retain the clarity of the original sound. This is the control that is missing from most standard guitar overdrive pedals. and what makes most of them unusable for bass. The last knob is the gain control, which controls how much distortion to add to the signal.


Overall, a great little pedal, that is cheap, but simply does it's job, if you ever want to experiment with bass overdrives, fuzzes, and distortions. Check it out!

A badass piece of work! (Tech 21 - Red Ripper)

By TeleFunk, 04/07/2014
No matter what kind of distortion you wanna get with your bass, be it a little fuzz, a moogy synth effect, or all out badassery that'll punch you in the face so hard you'll beg for mercy, this bad boy gives you anything and everything you'd want from a bass distortion standpoint, with total control to mess with your tone.


Editing is easy, and it comes with some preset suggestions with descriptions and photos of the suggested settings that are a great place to start. Has wayyy more than your average distortion pedal.


Sounds absolutely amazing on bass. My buddy's had good results using it on a guitar as well.


Us americans love to exaggerate, but this is truly the best distortion pedal I've ever tried. Not bad to look at either!

The ONLY problem is that it doesn't come with a battery or power cable, so be ready to get those separately in case you don't already have them. If not for that, I would give this 10/10 without hesitating. My first time messing with tech21 and I'm so glad I did!

This is one great bass pedal that's also cool for guitar (Tube Works - Blue Tube Bass Driver)

By Jim Wright, 22/04/2017
These sound really nice with lower powered tubes such as the 12AT7 or 12AU7, et. Adds a nice quality to my Ampeg Micro VR stack, but I even use it for killer crunch into my Portaflex T50. Lots of musical greats used these pedals, nuf said. Get it if you can find one. I just bought the plain Blue Tube version to add some variety in tone. I'll put an AT tube in one and an AU in the other.

News Bass Distortion/Overdrive

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Published on 04/08/16
Mostly known for their guitars and basses, Hofner presents four limited edition, vintage-oriented handmade effect pedals at the Musikmesse.

ZVex releases Woolly Mammoth Vexter

Published on 10/29/15

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