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Electro-Harmonix Bass Effects

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User reviews on Bass Effects Electro-Harmonix products

Electro-Harmonix Bass Balls (BassBalls (Original & Reissue))

By MGR/Zac, 26/12/2001
?? not to much, less than 100$

This thing is a great pedal. It is not really much of a wah, but its got its own unique sound thats kind of funky. It goes great with funk and i like the way it sounds in latin too. If you are looking for a wah, don't get it. If you are looking for just a cool sound get it. I love the way it sounds with the distortion on. It is so simple to use it did not even have a manual.

The only thing I don't like is that this pedal sounds really bad when you try and use a manual wah over it when you put the distortion on. If you keep the distortion off and wah over it, it sounds neat.

No comment. This is as sturdy as they come.

This is a cool pedal but not much of a wah no majaor problems or dislikes here.

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Electro-Harmonix Bass MicroSynthesizer (Bass Micro Synthesizer (Original))

By MGR/Laklander, 01/02/2010
The EH Bass MicroSynthesizer is packaged in a black aluminum thinline box with green and black applied graphics for settings and logo. One in, one out. 10 sliders for Trigger, Voice Mix, Attack Delay and Filter Sweep. Single on/off stomp toggle. One 9V AC Adapter include in price. EH recommends that you don't try to power the unit in a chain from a single (V power source, but use the dedicated AC Adapter -- wise advise.

I tried out a friend's after hearing Nate Query of The Decemberists using one on 'The Hazards of Love.' Street price is $279.

The Bass Microsynthesizer offers sveral pedals in one: fuzz, envelope filter, octave box and more. Uisng the sliders, which determine effect volume, filter cutoff, sensitivity and initial attack time, you can tailor several sounds to your preferences. Octave effects work only on single notes but track well, and the ability to have a octave about' the actual note helps to flesh out the sound -- like Hendrix on bass! I'm a fan of controlled fuzz, the this machine delivers a square wave that is very smooth. It's also possible to get delayed attack that's approximates a volume pedal by ramping up Attack delay slider.

Price, for one thing. It's also a pain to have to either put the unit on a pedalboard and stoop over to adjust settings or mount it high and try to turn it on and off with your free hand. A remote on/off would be nice so you could keep the unit at waist level to adjust settings for on-the-fly changes.

Well made, but maybe not as heavy as you would like on a stompbox. Sliders seem prone to damage from a misplaced attempt to stomp on the toggle switch.

If you like far out bass effects, the EH Bass MicroSynthesizer offers several in one handy unit. Fuzz, envelope filter, octave above and below and attack delay let you satisfy your inner keyboard bass player.

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