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User reviews on Bass Eq/Enhancer products

Aphex 1402 Bass Exciter (Aphex - 1402 Bass Xciter)

By MGR/Laklander, 26/01/2010
The Aphex Bass Exciter is packaged in a red aluminum stompbox with black graphics. Four knobs -- Lo Tune, Lo Blend, Hi Tune, Hi Blend. Single heavy duty in/out footswitch. XLR DI out, 1/4' in and out jacks. Passive/active pushbutton. Ground lift. Operates on 1 (v battery or optional power supply.

I've played bass professionally for 45 years.

Playing at low volume in a church setting, I wanted something to give some added depth to my bass without having to turn up the volume. Paid $149 from Musiciansfriend.

The Exciter did what it advertised -- it added some depth and 'life' to the bass sound so that it appeared to be louder onstage without actually raising volume. It was easy to use also.

It died after being used once a week for about a month. Aphex replaced the unit, but I was not happy that it dies so quickly with moderate, careful use.

Built very well of heavy aluminum. However, as noted above, it dies after being used very little, so I doubt the quality or reliability of the internal components.

The Aphex Bass Exciter does what it promises, which is to add life and depth to your bass at low volume. However, the unit died after being used for about eight hours. Although Aphex replaced it for free, I thought it should not have had problems so quickly after being used gently for such a short time.

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Boss GEB-7 (Boss - GEB-7 Bass Equalizer)

By MGR/Billy, 08/01/2011
Every bass play needs a graphic EQ in their rig was a line I heard from a respected sound engineer. If not for shaping a tone to your liking, it will help you EQ your sound accordingly to the room you are in.

A great pedal to start with is the Bass Equalizer by Boss. The model is the GEB-7

Let's get the rundown of the frequencies you can boost or cut. L-R: 50hz, 120hz, 400hz, 500hz, 800hz, 4.5khz and 10khz.

I bought this used on off of an online guitar forum. I had no fear because it's a Boss, they are tanks!

I think this pedals retails for around $100, I picked mine up used for $40.

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The good. This pedal does everything it should and nothing it should not. It is built like a tank. I can just toss it in my gig bag and pull it out when needed.

Some people gripe about Boss' bypass. Buffered vs. True Bypass. The Boss pedals feature the buffer. I do not notice any pros or cons either way. This pedal isn't noisy.

Rock solid! The faders will probably be the first thing to go, but so far so good. This features Boss standard solid metal box as well as decent jacks.

One of the easiest ways to make big changes in your bass tone. A great pedal to have around just in case.

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One of the best equalizers on stage (Boss - GEB-7 Bass Equalizer)

By tune4media, 16/12/2018
I bought this pedal (pretty recently) and had a few gigs. I've got to say, at first it took me a while to get used to this pedal. But once I've got used to it - This pedal is a game changer. If you're a performing bass player and you want to control your sound + you need to adjust your tone to the environment and PA, That's a pretty good pedal that can handle the task.

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EWS updates two bass pedals

Published on 04/27/15
EWS is offering two new editions of its BMC and Tri-Logic bass pedals, which are now available in v2 ad v3 respectively.

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Megadistortion mod + potar level

Published on 03/05/18

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Boss GE-7B Bass Equalizer

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