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User Review

The quintessential rock bass amp - Reviews Orange AD200B MKIII

AD 200 is a low all-tube amp that delivers 400 Watts.
Two tickets available: one for active basses and one for passive.


On the front you will find the basics: a band eq (treble, middle, bass) and a master's and a gain adjustment. Nothing else, and this is perfect!
At the rear, two 4 ohms outputs (for connecting two speakers, for example) and 8 ohms.
The setup is disarmingly simple, you simply plug in and go: no matter the settings, you can leave all the knobs at noon, AD 200 reacts immediately. Its strong point is to recreate as closely as possible the way you play, the finger or pick, it all depends on you. Your right hand and play your bass model will make all the difference. Where Ampeg or Ashdown necessary by pronounced sounds, AD 200 allows you to get YOUR sound.


For me, this is the perfect amp, the Orange quality is undeniable.
I play a Fender Jazz Bass American Standard and it has never sounded better than in this gem. The group in which I play hardcore being typed, I gain more boosts the master to cruncher slightly and it sounds great! Attacks are all pick the sound, the amp simply spit out calmly and perfectly the sound of the bass and my game.
I barely touched the eq knobs are almost all my noon.
I just use a tuner TU 3 and MXR M80, to boost the mids and use the distortion.
The amp is plugged into an Orange 4X10 and it enough for me to concerts; add the 1x15 below and you will shake stadiums.
One could blame him for not having a clean sound identity (such as a Ampeg or Ashdown, for example) but that is precisely what makes the interest in my opinion.


Simplicity, sound quality and durability are the watchwords.
The Orange AD 200 is beautiful, sturdy, well built, easy to use and sounds like you want. I use it for almost a year and I do never part.

The quality / price is fair; Certainly, this amp is expensive, but that's the price of quality. You will not buy a Porshe for the price of a Clio.

Only downside: weight; you'll feel like lifting your car every time you operate it, but keep in mind that the sound comes out of the woodwork (very thick in Orange) and two huge transformers that equip.

For me it is the purchase of a lifetime.