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User reviews on Bass Multi-Effect products

DigiTech BNX3 Bass Workstation (DigiTech - BNX3)

By MGR/Robert Sanger, 08/11/2005
I have been playing bass for over 10 years. I have played in local bands. I love jazz and jam due to the improvizational aspect.

I bought this unit on Ebay for $350. I was looking for effects with a loop station.

I love the ability to make your own sounds. The 8 track recorder/ loop station is great. It is fairly easy to use after reading a few directions.

Some of the factory presets wernt quite what I was looking for so I changed them.

It is sturdy, but my unit has chipped paint due to being on the road.

This is a great practice tool along with sound bank and loop. I love it!!

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Zoom BFX 708 (Zoom - BFX-708)

By MGR/ctargia, 05/05/2010
Black hard plastic.

I got it second hand from a friend.

Its a great pedal and has tons of effects, and each one you can customize and save different effect presets. From distortion to echos to synths and even some kinds of noise and sound effects. There is one preset that makes a high pitched squeal when you play even when playing a low B string; useful? Depends on what you are playing, but no matter what type of music you are playing there is bound to be some effect on this pedal that will help you out. It even has a wah pedal on the side which can do more then just wah, it can change all kinds of effects. Its a great pedal.

It can take a little while to switch through all the different effects to get to the one you want. If you are playing a gig you are better off keeping any presets you want to use right next to each other so you can switch back and forth quickly.

The output jack got a little bit loose and I need to play with the cable a little bit to make sure its in the right spot or else the sound cuts out. I am not sure if this is just a fluke problem or if other people have experienced this. The rest of the unit is very well constructed and doesn't seem to have much more then a scratch on it. It is made of very durable plastic.

Its a great pedal and you can usually find it pretty cheap, its a great bang for your buck, there are much better pedals out there and if you have the money you can probably get something a bit better.

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Great Pedal for the money! (DigiTech - BP90)

By aqualung61, 19/03/2013
Comes with Chorus, Delay, Distortion/Fuzz, Auto-Wah, Wah-Wah, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Octave, tremolo, Synth, Compresser, Noise Gate, Tuner, Various cabinet and Head modelers, and Drum Machine.


Not to hard to figure out making custom pre-sets, but would advise reading manual before hand.


Sounds great!


For what you pay for this multi-effects pedal is outstanding!

News Bass Multi-Effect

[NAMM] [VIDEO] Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig

Published on 01/22/16
A demonstration of the new Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig bass-dedicated multieffect pedalboard.

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