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User Review

Nice little tool - Reviews Boss ME-50B

All the air of having been said:

6 blocks with multi effects to be noted

1 / A good (not an EBS C either) block compressor / limiter with switchable pedal an extra

2 / In Tuner mode, the block preamp / EQ is bypassed .... like no pedal

Also note that the term pilot block some effect (Ex: Block synth with resonance)


This architecture is simple but a glance at the manual from time to time to discover new things but overall the manual is very clear ...

After a year of use I still discovering

The sound editing is simple but the technology is very precise COSMOS also must put patience! The winning time not to stuff a 100-page manual will serve this incomprehensible precision


The effects are consistent for most and gives the "effect" wish

Next the effects, settings, is very famous COSMOS COSMOS! I did a test comparing a BOSS pedal phaser and analog phaser of this multi effect: The sound of multi effect is a bit colder, more neutral, what digital .....

I am the bassist with ME50B so I use it with a bass. Beware octaver -1 with the 5th string, not to blow the woofer. With my guitar and also the fact that will be tested with the sax and trumpet my brother soon

Well, it makes the world since the effects are linkable (accused stand up) I do not really have a preference and I BYPASS if I gene


After a year of use, I'm still very satisfied. I was not able to try other model before the GT range and was not intuitive enough for my taste.
For the brand, I followed a BOSS brand that I knew well already ...

I love the diversity in a single block pedal for a low price (it is available from 100-150 EURO used today)
* This allows low cost to have a palette of quality effects (digital) correct. We get by working out the sound you want and save.
* With the added kick drum, the ability to block the effects of tempo, small looper

Now, one of the best pedals pedalboard consists in EVERY area, the TOP but much more expensive. I do not regret my choice