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User reviews on Bass Sample products

Geo la bidouille's review (Soundscan - 06-Electric & Acoustic Bass)

By Geo la bidouille, 09/11/2005
- What are the formats on offer (WAV, AIFF, Aka Gigasampler ...)
- Is this sample loops or instruments?
not to single notes


- The sounds / instruments are they ralistes and good quality?
- Are they sufficiently Varis?
- Do they agree your style of music?


- How long have you use it?
4 years
- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
I can not get enough
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
- How do you report qualitprix?
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

Medcg's review (Soundscan - 06-Electric & Acoustic Bass)

By Medcg, 11/09/2002
Format: wav, aiff, audio and akai. (Double CD)
instrument sampled


The instruments are realistic and of good quality and varied. I am a funk and acid jazz, I find what I want in this collection.


I use it for over a year.
No I board not tried the other model, because the price was very attractive, and I appercus qualitée that followed.
I would make that choice without a doubt.

Not a bad sample set for such a low price (Soniccouture - Abstrakt Bass)

By songboy, 26/01/2012
This is a multi-sampled instrument ranging from synth basses to actual stringed basses. As with other Kontakt instruments, this is a pretty simple process of installing and loading (this is not a library so you need to find it under "Files"). The setup is simple enough with all the controls for the particular instrument/patch are right on the GUI. Essentially you get basic controls including Attack/Decay, Cutoff/Resonance, Reverb and amp/mic features on certain patches.


I would say that going through the entire library (about 1.6gb) you get a nice spread of Bass instruments. The addition of the Stringed Bass guitars is pretty sweet. I used them a lot for demo writing before I picked up NI's MM Bass. I keep this as a "back up" to my real bass during performance as it is not CPU hungry and has a pretty solid sound. I run this in Kontakt 5 on a MBP i7 and an RME Fireface 800 Interface. I use this mainly for electronica and I have to say it's pretty solid for that style. Some of the "moog" style sounds aren't as pleasing to me only because I have a Slim Phatty right next to me that certainly sounds a lot bigger.


What I like most about this set is it is relatively small and packs a good punch. It offers a lot of different sounds and they also employ a specific engine that reduced aliasing sounds and keeps the "beat" of the sample across the whole keyboard. I also really like the fact that I only paid $15 for it as Soniccouture was "retiring" this plugin and offered a cheap price. There is not much to dislike about this set, especially at that price point. I give it a 9 out of 10 for sound. The sounds are good, but when don't quite capture the fullness of a real bass or my Slim Phatty's Bass sounds. I now use NI's MM Amped for my "mobile" bass sounds and it is much better in terms of "real" bass reproduction, but it also is about 14gb's larger and a heck of a lot more CPU hungry. I don't think you can get this at $15 anymore, but I could be wrong. If you can, it never hurts to have more options and that is a low price for some.

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