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[NAMM] Dunlop DVP4 Volume (X) Mini Pedal

Dunlop keeps miniaturizing its pedals, and this time it's the DVP3 Volume (X) that gets adapted into the (somehow counterintuitively) smaller DVP4.

Dunlop's DVP4 Volume (X) Mini Pedal allows to control either the volume or effect pedal parameters, the whole in a lightweight aluminum chassis and using the brand's patented Low Friction Band-Drive. So, it's all just like the DVP3, right? Well, almost: this one is only almost half the size.

Features include:

  • Controls volume levels and FX parameters
  • Low Friction Band-Drive, meant to ensure smooth, durable performance
  • AUX output for switchable tuner/expression functionality
Dunlop DVP4 Volume (X) Mini Pedal