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User Review

Strong and effective - Reviews Ernie Ball 6180 VP Jr 250K

Aluminum pedal seems he
Input, output + tuner output
Potentiometer activated by a system of cable / pulley (never had that side bp)
A switch to change the speed / how to increase or decrease the sound
Correct level dimensions.
Long run and "feel" very pleasant to use.


I used this pedal for volume only effects "violoning" this kind of thing.
The usage is very easy given the size of the craft and good grip tray.
No squeaks or play in the mechanical parts. the strong.


No worries level.
I find "transparent", fortunately for a volume pedal ...

I read somewhere that to connect a tuner on the scheduled release this effect could rot the sound, at least decrease because a certain amount of signal is taken.
In all honesty I do not understand much about it. I still tried to connect / disconnect to compare but I did not notice any loss of potato or dynamic.


It served its purpose well and although it takes me a lot of space on my pedal board I care.
It breathes so the strength and quality that I thought acquire wah made a similar frame (but the sound of the wah did not matter ... I dreamed taste).

I already had a morley volume at a time but the EB plays in a higher category.
All good