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User Review

Almost everything you need! - Reviews Dunlop 105Q Cry Baby Bass Wah

Wha Wha Pedal Bass.

Not editable, not rackable.

Analog pedal, true bypass it seems to me, in good old metal brawny white finish with a very nice effect. 9V power supply, requires 200mA minimum.

An input jack, output jack, the input power supply.


The general configuration is very simple, you can adjust the volume, which is very convenient for use for solos or conversely to calm things down if you want to use it for a wagon, etc. ... We can also adjust the Q, which is very convenient to define the race to change the tone for the classical guitar that I own example, I find the treble quickly become shrill and unbearable in the limit pedal.

The downside to these settings: the knobs for adjusting these are small, on the side of the pedal and not easily visible mark (notch on the knob, drawing of the setting) making it very difficult setting changes quickly between songs live. I had to add markers on the knobs and guides around quickly to see where you and in their race. This is really bad thought from Dunlop, -1.

Then there is no switch, then OK it's an advantage to have the system automatically switches back and for activation if you want to play fast on the Wha-half a riff or a few notes only, except that I'm using it on whole passages and I like to let wha an open and play without touching it, making it necessary to keep the angle with the foot while playing near ... impossible! In the studio I even ask my guitarist to hold my wha to a certain degree of openness that I needed a refrain throughout, just to play freely, a little heavy ... -1 (c good ' me is a little fault to be honest, I'll opt for the EBS instance rather than the Cry Baby 105Q Bass but since I've seen less than 40 euros I jumped on the occas ^ ^).

Get the effect you want: it is a wha bah, so you have to work a little and have the hand (or foot xD ... I know - ') with to get to do what we want but it's not rocket science!


Wha beautiful at the same time it is not a large effect on personality, it's Jim Dunlop and it makes Wha! But I must say that this version is very well done low, frequencies apply where the effect is very well chosen, the bass does not disappear because we put ourselves here to the Wah.

Sounds great on a bass but much too violent for my taste on a guitar (some players prefer the versions with guitar exactly why).


I use it for over a year, it's the only bass Wha I had done very well and his office.

A quality / price ratio to die, I got it in less than 40 euros in secondhand! By nine I can not find this very interesting report with prices ranging between 140 and 170 euros.

In view of my use of Wha, if I could have afforded it I would have opted for an EBS Stanley Clarke is the only Wha Wha low to meet all the features I'm looking for (but that frankly make me sweat whether a signature!). Today I'm too used to using it and I think I would do anyway that choice.