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User Review

KirKill's review - Dunlop 105Q Cry Baby Bass Wah

Wah pedal for optical Bass by Dunlop
1 volume knob
1 button Q
standard 9v power supply
No Led


The pedal has not swith on / off, you press it snaps just that it already kills ...
After there where Dunlop to put the volume knob and the Q right next to the power supply and output jack I quibble but it's a bit lame to have everything on the same side almost the 'one beside the other


Wah pedal for bass numero 1 ... this is what he wrote there ... already the sound of bass is not eaten by the wah wah as with a guitar so there is no error is on the right product, little more was the setting of Q allows us to really carved all, first impression so far so good ... Phase 2 I plug my russian big muff, a little bit of Anesthesia ... and there ... on agreements plated recovering well sound the same side of the noise beast ... against it by the notes in Notes mode shred there I'm a little less convinced that spring is badly eaten, I feel that sometimes it even tends to croak ... otherwise it is generally correct, but no better


view the price 70-80 € HAND why not ... According to play Cliff Burton was the Morley Power Wah Fuzz to 300 € HAND so there it stings the Larfeuil ... alternative was the Morley Dual bass remains found on Paris else in order to Thoto, owl ... So for lack of better I might keep it for a good time