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User Review

yoTrakkz's review - Rogers Timpani

Rogers timpani drums are a very good set of timpani’s. Most people over look the option of having real live timpani’s around for your recordings but these will change your view of this subject. Timpani’s aren’t an instrument that is used in a lot of songs, but when you find a good part or a song that has timpani’s in it the song can be extremely powerful with a timpani line in it.
The sound of these timpani’s are perfect, exactly what you want out of timpani’s. They have a full rich sound of orchestra type timpani’s but can be used in any style of music ranging from pop to hip hop. These timpani’s are priced pretty high, as most well rounded real timpani’s are. The price of Rogers Timpani’s is probably why most people shy away from them and just use some sampled timpani’s that they have in the computer, but I can say nothing will compare to having this in your studio. It will need to be real studio not a home studio. Not many people have room just to have these sitting in their home studio when they only get used every so often.
Overall I am extremely happy to say that I finally made my purchase of Rogers timpani’s. They make a huge difference in your overall sound when your using them as opposed to just using some audio sample of a timpani you have in a vst. Rogers Timpani’s not only have a great sound but they have a great look and they are built to last. So they will last a long time, but investing in them might not be worth it if a lot of your songs done have timpani parts in them. So I don’t recommend getting them unless you plan on having timpani in a few songs. I recommend these timpanies over any other brand.