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User reviews on Boundary microphone products

joshsound's review (Sennheiser - e 901)

By joshsound, 09/10/2008
This very cool mic is a boundary layer mic from Sennheiser. I just recently got to test one out, and it sounds great! You connect this mic with an XLR cable just like most mics, and since the technology is based on a condenser you are going to need some phantom power to get it working. The pickup pattern on the mic is half-cardioid, so you need it to kind of face the general direction of the source if you want it to work correctly. The mic can be placed on any flat surface, whether that is directly on or inside of an instrument, or on the floor, wall, or ceiling. This mic comes in very handy in tight quarters when you don't have room for a traditional boom stand with a mic. With this boundary mic, you can just slip it into a tight spot and get a very nice sound that is something like a cross between a dynamic and a condenser. The frequency response does cover the entire spectrum, and sounds relatively even. The top end can at times sound a little dull, but it's nothing that a shelf of EQ can't correct. This sounds great inside of a bass drum and on the underside of a piano against the soundboard. It can sometimes be a little hard to affix it from walls or ceilings because it isn't that lightweight, but it's usually nothing some extra duct tape can't handle.


I have used this on 2 session fairly recently. Once we used it inside a kick drum and once on the underside of a grand piano in direct contact with the soundboard. Both applications sounded very full and crisp, which I was surprised about. This mic is a little exotic, but it's definitely something worth having in your locker if you wan't to be prepared for every recording situation. It is also priced reasonably at less than $250. I recommend it!

moosers's review (Electro-Voice - RE 90B)

By moosers, 09/08/2009
The ElectroVoice RE 90B is a electret condenser microphone that is also a boundary microphone AKA a PZM (pressure zone microphone).  It has a half caridiod polar pick up pattern and has an XLR cable connected to it.  I have used it for both in the studio recording as well as for live shows.


I've had the ElectroVoice RE 90B for about four years and while I don't use it all the time, it has a lot of uses that come in handy for a lot of different things.  This microphone is really designed for use in conferences and things like that so you can pick up the entire room, and I have to say that when you place this on the floor or on a table within a room it will definitely do a good job of picking up everything that is going on around it.  For this reason I have used it during live shows and have found that if you place it on the stage it does a pretty good job of picking up the vibrations.  I have also used it in the studio and works in many occasions as a room microphone or even if you place it within a kick drum or something like that.  While this microphone isn't the most versatile in terms of traditional audio recording, it does have a lot of uses, many of which aren't best suited for recording music.  While I haven't used it for this, I'm sure that it would do a pretty good job even as a broadcast microphone or simply for picking up conversations or something like a book on tape or something.  It has built in EQ that I would imagine is boosted at around 5 KHz to add clarity to the human voice as that is what it is best for picking up.  While these are somewhat expensive you buy them new on an online store, definitely look on Ebay for the ElectroVoice RE 90B if you are looking for one as you can get them for much cheaper on there.

price (Sennheiser - e 912)

By theaudioandvideoguy, 24/06/2012
This mic is a pre polarized mic that has a half cardioid pick up The mic is rather expensive to me and can cost over 300 dollars brand new and I don’t believe that it provide quality that is worth that amount of money. There are other mics in Sennheizers line of mics that are better and cheaper than this one. This mic is an ideal mic for like a open area, this is not a studio mic so don’t think you can purchase it to use in yoru studio. This is more for a speech situation or maybe to record some real piano’s in an open space it just doesn’t perform that well to me in a confind studio space. I have tried using it in a small studio and it recorded but when using it on a stage in a auditorium you will really be able to pull all of its capabilities out. But like I said the price isn’t high, but its too high for the quality of the mic.


It does have a good frequency response to pick up instruments and can be used on vocals as well for stage and shows. When purchasing it you will get a manual, which is easy to understand and you really wont need It because if you purchase this mic then you know what you are purchasing it for so no need to pick up thte manual. It will also come with a pouch to carry it in. the mic wasn’t as big as I thought it was going to be which is a good thing since I travel a lot and picking up piano’s was a breeze with it.

The E 912 is a good mic in the end. I just feel like it should be a little cheaper than 300. It should be more in the range of 200 -230 and that would make me respect it a little more. But you wont be un happy if you get it. It does sound great.

News Boundary microphone

Audio-Technica U851RO

Published on 02/16/11
Audio-Technica brings to market the new U851RO Omnidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphone.

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Published on 03/25/10

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