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Excellent. - Reviews Sommer Cable SC-Albedo MKII

Here is the explanation of my approach: since the signal from one (M-Audio C600) recording interface is a modulation signal when attacking the amplification stage of active monitors, the HP cable n ' is not the best solution (even if it gives good results). It is therefore desirable to use a cable modulation in the image of what is done in Hi-Fi between the source and the preamp.
Taking advantage of an order, so I added 4 meters Sommer SC-Albedo MKII, two XLR and two Neutrik Jacks.
I had so far two cables based Cordial CLS 225 TT with Amphenol jacks.
With this new connection, my Tannoy Reveal won in definition and balance.
The most significant improvement for the high mids and highs that sound more natural. The stereo image also appears wider.
A Great potential.