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User Review

The best reverb IR FREEWARE I know - Reviews LiquidSonics Reverberate LE





I never bought reverb, and it is not going to happen since I have it.

I have long used as freeware reverbs Atmosphere (smartelectronics) Epicverb (variety of sound) or OldSkoolVerb (Voxengo). I'm not doing too badly on batteries but I find it hard to settle on voice, for example.

I then turned to the convolution reverbs to use presets fantastic reverbs (Quantec, Lexicon, EMT, Bricasti). It is frankly the best on voice, but free plugins to load the impulse I have always been a little put off, barely legible interface, latency audio dropout ...

ReaVerbate Exit (Cockos), Sir exit 1 (Knufinke) Reverberate LE welcome!

CPU consumption reduced by half, reduced or no latency, full contôle (envelope, strech, eq 5 band etc). Visual successful and very readable, really, no complaints. And it's free if you are poor or you did not want to pay (donationware).

What you ask?