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LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven Professional Review

The reverb from heaven? The second version of Reverberate, LiquidSonics' flagship product, completely blew us away with its Fusion-IR technology because it actually provided an unheard-of flexibility and audio quality in the small world of convolution reverbs. read more…

LiquidSonics Reverberate 2 Review

Reverberate Goes Fusion There are two clearly distinguishable schools in the software reverb world: algorithmic and convolution. read more…

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An affordable Bricasti M7 ! (Seventh Heaven)

By Wills01, 18/07/2017
If you love quality reverb units but are too tight to afford a Bricasti M7… Well, here’s bad news for you: you’re about to regret all of your previous purchases! This reverb is sheerly impressive. No chorus, metal and so on effect on board, it’s all about pure, transparent reverb sound! It takes 9GB of data capacity to store all the impulse response files, but it’s really worth it. I got it for around €180 ($200) as a special offer and at such a price it’s a real bargain. Plus, it’s ergonomically perfect. You can set the reverb’s highs/lows and access all of a classic reverb’s setting in a most intuitive manner. If I’m to quote something I don’t like about it, I’d go with… the PACE anti-piracy system which involves you’ll have to get the latest iLok key – for an additional cost, of course…

The best reverb IR FREEWARE I know (Reverberate LE)

By Piler, 11/02/2014




I never bought reverb, and it is not going to happen since I have it.

I have long used as freeware reverbs Atmosphere (smartelectronics) Epicverb (variety of sound) or OldSkoolVerb (Voxengo). I'm not doing too badly on batteries but I find it hard to settle on voice, for example.

I then turned to the convolution reverbs to use presets fantastic reverbs (Quantec, Lexicon, EMT, Bricasti). It is frankly the best on voice, but free plugins to load the impulse I have always been a little put off, barely legible interface, latency audio dropout ...

ReaVerbate Exit (Cockos), Sir exit 1 (Knufinke) Reverberate LE welcome!

CPU consumption reduced by half, reduced or no latency, full contôle (envelope, strech, eq 5 band etc). Visual successful and very readable, really, no complaints. And it's free if you are poor or you did not want to pay (donationware).

What you ask?

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20% off Reverberate 2 for Audiofanzine readers

Published on 02/19/16
We gave Reverberate 2 our 2016 Innovation Award, so they gave back by offering Audiofanzine readers an exclusive 20% discount until March 4th.

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