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Cort Curbow

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User reviews on Cort Curbow products

Cort Curbow 4 (Cort - Curbow4)

By MGR/A 4 REAL PLAYER, 23/08/2004
mail order 2001, $350, Mar Music

The sound of this bass is great, it has a strong tone, deep bass,and nice mids. Mighty Mite Pick, before Bartolini Pick-up the neck is thin and fast

Body to small for tall players, hard to play sitting down cause of the short lower hook. The weight is to light, and body is to thin 1-1/2 inch thick, Man-Made wood or plastic body. Drink up battery juice fast chip when turn all the way up.

Plastic paint on body can crack if dropped, fret broad made of plastic.

The bass is great for a beginner, or studio work. Or back up Bass. Not for live show.
Too light to play live. To small body for tall players. love the neck, But not the fret broad. Make the bass sound light ended.

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Cort Curbow 5 String (Cort - Curbow5)

By MGR/Oz, 20/03/2006
Been playing bass for about 30 years. Currently play a 4-string Spellbinder bass (by Stanley Clarke and Tom Lieber), and a 10-string Chapman Stick.

Wanted an inexpensive 5-string to mess with, but wanted one that wasn't a complete washout. Research indicated that many experienced players liked this one, but occasionally it has production flaws. Unfortunately, mine is in the latter category.

Nice looking, not very heavy, small body. As you'll see, that's all I can find out about it at the moment...

Terribly bad construction in the neck. Arrived with a bowed neck (about 3/8 inch at the mid-point of the neck). In adjusting the tension rod, after about two cautious 1/4 turns, a loud SPANG! was heard, and rod apparently disconnected at the far end.

The bass was never even played. The neck was not well enough made so that it could even be properly straightened.

What was a good deal is now a horrible one, as it was used and no warranty. A new neck is going to be between $200 and $300, plus the cost of labor in replacement and setup. Not worth the money at any price.

As above. Finish is very nice, all lines clean. But apparently under the skin this one was sloppily constructed.

So quality = unplayable. As bad as it gets, since all the rest doesn't matter in this case.

Spend more money next time on a well-made instrument.

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Cort Curbow 5 String w/Bartolini (Cort - Curbow5)

By MGR/Carlos of Menace., 10/06/2007
Been a professional musician for 8 years. I play 6-8 shows a month in a Metal/Hard Rock band. It's an active stage show where we are moving around quite a bit from the drum riser to the stage to the floor.

I "inherited" one of these in a trade and I loved the way it played. Then I blew out the electronics some how. I loved the feel so much, that I ordered a new one with the Bartolinis in it. I paid about 425 with a hardshell case. It was ordered from a store in Duluth MN thru E Bay. It is now my main bass rig, and I no longer bring a back up to the shows (knock on wood).

The bass is user friendly and versatile. It's easy to dial in your sound. The "slap" switch is a nice feature for a little boost. The composite body with a maple neck and ebonal finger board make this thing so light it is amazing! I can do a 4 hr gig without needing to see the Chiropractor on Monday. the playability is awesome and the action is super low when set up properly. Lighter gauge strings are a must with this style of guitar. All in all the most bang for teh buck I've seen

With a composit body and a maple neck, it doesn't warp like a regular guitar does. It takes a little tweaking to get the truss rod just right when the seasons change. But once I get it dialed in, IT IS ON!!!!

Indestructible body, and the finish will never get messed up because it's in the mold. I beat the bejesus out of this thing and it continues to perform.

MOST BANG FOR THE BUCK!!! Gives other guitars that are twice the cost a run for their money.

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Cort Curbow 5 String (Cort - Curbow5)

By MGR/ctargia, 07/08/2010
Bought it second hand from a friend, used for a few years and sold it. It's a good bass I just have others that I prefer, just my personal feel, this could be your dream bass.

Very playable, 24 frets and and extra few frets and the lower strings, which adds more timbrel options for playing a few notes on the highest frets. Although I think I would prefer having three extra frets on the G string to add more tonal range to the bass. Tone is solid, and has a quite a few knobs to adjust that with that all work well. Most features are good but nothing fancy, but that is the price range. Spacing and action are okay, neck thickness is okay, etc. For the price range, its a good bass. Need to try one out for yourself.

The cut into the body that adds extra playability to the highest frets also creates a strange looking small hook, visual aesthetics or non-aesthetics depending on your tastes aside, it makes it very uncomfortable to hold it on your lap and play. If you only play standing up that wont be an issue, but if you want to sit down and play it can be uncomfortable unless you have a small thigh.

From what I have seen using it I never had any issues with it, but I only used it for a few years and do not know the long term durability of it.

A good bass, pick it up and play it at music store and see if the feel is right for you. If you like it go for it, you wont be disappointed.

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