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Cort RB

Cort RB5

User reviews on Cort RB products

youen13emedunom's review (Cort - RB5)

By youen13emedunom, 15/02/2009
This is a real plus is Korean and she says (see back of the head).

To complement the previous opinions:
- Swamp ash body ("light" compared to other wood of the same species, made more subtle musical told that alder - among the ancient Germans, it was believed that the male gender was from an ash, the women's one but alder we do not make me say ...); oh, well maple veneer for the top class, but here everyone is there now on mid-range.
- 24 frets, fret zero (the strings sound like fretted notes for more sound unit) = 35''tune with better definition of the notes because length of vibrating strings, but most important keys longer at the top of handle, have joints! Hipshot good mechanical and especially electronic Bartolini MK1 ...


The handle, fairly flat (the apologists of Warwick, these beautiful Yule log, can spend their way) but really fast is fun and a little forget the tune of 35''hard to deal with for someone like me small appendages (above). We ride them everywhere, including down, with all the sonic palette of a 5-string * 24 frets.
This bass has a reasonable weight and is remarkably balanced, evidence that the handle is well designed. Mechanical tough-Maousse that take the agreement to the bottom of the gig bag, but to set the code of LA with the gear hanging around his neck, you need a long arm and fist to some (!).
The right sound? yes and we'll just talk about it below ...


Most of the sound of this bass (with the ash can be: performed unplugged it seems to me it has a wide spectrum of sound with bass and treble distinct mediums) has Bartos microphones: two blocks close enough the each other while each with its personality and, importantly, an output level equivalent (not the usual "grosbiboulga" side neck against "coincoincoincouac" side bridge). So, you want to try something other than the center position, the balance between the two microphones being subtly dosed for once. Please note, three EQ knobs are terribly effective, it's low superactivated!; Can decrease or increase low, mid and treble in a truly spectacular - beware if you add speakers including bass! As a huge versatility limitations are: it does not sound like a bass, the sound will never really roots, and will go ringing Fender Fender. But you can go Mowton.
The sound? When j'eu out my credit card the salesman told me it was the sound suddenly cold and he did not like ... I basically played this bass quietly at home and I realized slowly that he felt like a cold is malleable, a little impersonal, through this so versatile electronic fifth gear that can take you very far in the violence of sound, but never end up in an atmosphere "blast" at Warwick. To compare with the large directory (if I may), if the Rickenbacker 4003 would, according to legend, a "piano sound", the RB you might think of 5 times (with the media at 0 and mics in the center position) to a harpsichord (!) (the classy for my taste) so it will never heat nor heroic Precision chiadé rough grain of the Jazz Bass ... on the other hand, to be tested by repeated in difficult conditions (with dippers of distos scratch), I can testify that one can find a place in the battle by playing with the famous EQ like a medieval knight making reels with a two-handed sword or, closer to us with a good big Music Man. I would bring still more of an active jazz bass with superior efficacy in terms of versatility and dynamic, a little at a panzer which, I admit, may have a chilling ...
I like the sounds? y 'to a lot, certainly that's not all in the middle, it's usually the media in the lower house but present in repeated. I finally ended by stressing the tremendous fishery of the notes played on the E string and the (already present unplugged), musicality and good definition of the B string and the next lens on the side of Sol Ré.
While only 8 of 10 chrome to be honest but please!


Purchased in 2006, little used by repeating, often at home directly in the chain, I have not found the perfect amp to complete it.
My favorite: a little while, the wood, natural finish, the original features (neck, body shape and especially of the head: what has been done over from the original Precision), the massive bridge, the setting Easy truss road at the base of the handle, aesthetics (aah available knobs!), the pleasure of contemplating and especially the electronic thunder of God.
What I like least: the fifth string because I do not use (but it's my fault, it also comes in 4 C), the great pace too much for me as I am handicapped despite the ease the handle, perhaps unconsciously to the side of low-bulky guy (though I am an in principle) that the fact that I rarely go out.
I do not use it enough to afford the luxury of keeping it, but paradoxically if it was necessary to keep only one it may well be this one I would choose, reasonably, because you can make a bit of everything with, let alone what could bring her a tube preamp with a good ...
At the time of purchase was my second bass, but I made a big enough experience since I write this post so knowingly.
Value: one is in Cort is ready to be equivalent to Ibanez with more character and can be a better finish (to the possible relocation of the factory in Pyongyang in the event of reconciliation between the two Koreas, one can always dream). Ibanez in ergonomics, so that when I return home it will be by Barto douilleterie probably via Ibanez.
With experience ..? if I had several groups and one three times so low, or if I was from the merger or the bare metal or black music. But I'm just British rock in trench coat cracked under the arms ...
For this low forms Fellini I declare with the maestro: Eight and a Half.

dud74's review (Cort - RB5)

By dud74, 25/11/2007
It is a low manufacturing Coren, 24 frets with 2 micro electronic Bartolini active.
Rglage 5 buttons: a volume gnral active / passive push / pull, and a micro volume (actually 2) and a micro tonality (even the 2) (a total 5 )
For the handle is a Bolt


Channel trs enjoyable play.
Access in acute is a little rough, but ... is not the range of the low (even when we go trs rarely).
A weight that I would call correct.
With a good amp, a ring of fire god.


I plutt 70.80 typ blues and rock and passive mode it returns a good well rounded bass sound.
When it goes into active funk and slap, smack the treble really well ...
Jou have a Trace Elliot Commando and sounds of thunder. But the house I have a little behing 1200 and does it well.


I just acqurir (the t in Andorra for the price ... there's no photo)
Before this one I had a Yamaha BBG5, that sounds good but lacks punch.
This is when even a good low (it is in the entry level) who is more beautiful trs (for those who love the wood look)
It does not worth can be a Warwick, but it has everything to be a good competitor of the trademark. Especially as the report is qualitprix honnte trs (500 Adorre and new ...)

stefbass's review (Cort - RB5)

By stefbass, 27/10/2006
It is a low manufacturing Coren, 24 frets with zero fret and the end of the sleeve, the microphones are Bartolini, the bridge is solid, and five knob on the table, or we RULES mediums, acute , bass, midrange and bass boost, and the handle is comfortable trs


The handle is really enjoyable to play trs, Access in acute is very easy thanks the wide notches, with good ergonomics trs think because it does not sting at all the nose, the violin is, when it has good quality of TRS, we really feel to be on a low luthier (I think c'tait order!), the rglages trs are effective, we pass from light to trs big bass sound very heavy, it is versatile trs


I use it for 2 weeks and I won, I play in an orchestra or dance I have to have a broad palette of sounds, and she is doing wonderfully, I plugged into a head Berhinger BXT 300, with the baffle 4 hp BUGERA aluminum, and really it's the killing (and yes it's not the Berhinger m. ...., despite what the vendors!), at home my Music is prdilection Plutt Jazz Rock, Jazz Fusion and it it makes me the greatest pleasure, we are happy to take a Marcus Miller Victor Wooten OR one (even if the fingers and the brain have difficulty agreeing !!!), frankly say anything!


Without any hsitation I would do the same choice, I also played a Warwick thumb bolt on 6 string that I dj given an opinion, and it really comes from that it complment , even though the violin, weight, sound, look and especially the price diffrent (especially for the price there is no picture!), I am thrilled, because it may be a Cort (Rob Elrick licensed all of the same!) but increasingly their stuff does not really ashamed of the West.

newick57's review (Cort - RB4)

By newick57, 26/07/2006
Made in the core rb4 remains in the same spirit as low cort artisan with
its 24 frets
Bartolini MK1 his microphone kit with three bands equa mk2 with active / passive switch by push pull on the volume knob
its handle and screwed fairly flat
its natural wood finish (the most beautiful effect with two colors by aillor diffrentes between the front and rear body spares by func relates go see it is very nice!)
his easel and mechanical black Hipshot
a note found in roughly the same characteristics from Ibanez in the same price range (even microphones equa finish etc ...)
take a look at their sites

Conclusion: Low very full and luthier look for 600, it's not disgusting


The very thin neck in severe enables quick and prcis play and Bay distance greater ropes to the left hand slapper easily
the access to acute is facilitated by the shape of the body under the handle that is dug in a half circle is screwed round of the disability is not well compensated beast and handy
Gnrale the use is more acceptable weight that does not entail any trauma in the left shoulder and yet I sometimes play several hours of affil (I do not play well seated, although the form and balance the weight of his body permitting)
the SLP Bartolini dpassent enough rope to ask them the thumb when playing fingers that we play nearly the bridge or handle it works

just in the sound
then the equa three bands, did its job and the palette of sounds, provided that we know what we want, is easily and quickly accessible
Idale for slap tapping and other techniques "modern" in boustant bass and treble this low will defend both pop rock trip hop jazz boustant bass and middle and removing treble was a huge bass sound
mine is plugged into a speaker with 300W peavey 15 "and tweeter and sends
it behaves well with my AW3 effects, Q tron ​​big muff, Dealey chorus ...

Conclusion: Victor wooten to reggae Led Zeppelin has primus she can do anything even if its sound is not as typ a real bass luthier (I think that one day I will customize it with other microphones as for the rest nothing wrong)

small BMOL: when I bought it was not bad rgle bordered bad I have to correct the action and the length of the strings, but an electric musician still has cl allen I also quickly changed the strings that sounded too mtallique at the beginning and who have aged like a dog: 7 times too fast!


I love the funk maceo parker to red hot, and yes, this coffee knows how
Before her, I was playing on low action V passive (not bad for a low chre so little by the way) and I was obliged to tinker the equa 7 bands of my amp. It's ancient history the equa my amp is now a dish with acute and serious bass boost and does the rest with equa Three bands, balance and active / passive switch working live sound very quickly during a song. For example spend the bass boost active sound by simply pressing the volume button, the foot

what I like is its diversity and sound with only one bass I play in a rock band, a group of acoustic music and a funk / soul and all of my flicitent sound I plug myself on a peavey, a fender or Laney !!


I use it for two months and I squinted over for Christmas!
I craqu its look it is manufactured in collaboration with an American luthier and copy his model)
I had already tried the bass cort artisan who are the equivalent and have impressed me with their report qualitprix, but I did not like their head this one convinced me
Well as I have already said there were some rglages do, but it's cheap, it is manufactured in core and is not in fender, no one tests then try the well for tou vrifier and ask the salesperson if any to make some adjustments to sound and plays perfectly and prvoyez few more for strings and a proper cover ...
J hopes to have t util you even if you have understood the I love this instrument