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Cort VX

Cort VX-4X

User reviews on Cort VX products

Damage to the microphones ... (Cort - VX-4X)

By Teurastaja, 10/06/2010

So much for the features, I smell a job well done, no finishing defects and especially on the inlays are very well made.
For the price is really good, and the more beautiful is supplied in hard case!


The handle is nice, access to acute almost perfect (at the junction of the body / handle very carefully).
Level is moderately heavy weights, you can play for hours with no back pain.
on the other hand it is quite bulky, careful not to knock the bottom point!
The game is quite comfortable sitting position as well, you get used easily.


Well then there is the weak point of the guitar ... It was the first time I tried the passive EMG, and Ben sound is bland, featureless, it lacks precision, depth, a little of everything.
It's too bad because with good active EMG or Seymour could have had the look of metal and metal sound.


I tried a lot of time, long enough to get an objective idea of ​​the skyscraper, its big plus is the amazing finish for the price, and its biggest weakness microphones.
The report qulité money is still good, if we add the price of other microphones is at once a worse case but it's still okay.

How to say ... geniale? (Cort - VX-4X)

By deozza, 21/04/2013
No idea what country this guitar comes from, but probably from Asia for the price ...
Cort VX 4X is a guitar-shaped "star", a sort of mix between an Explorer and Jackson Warrior with a mahogany body. There are two colors, black version satinee another satinee White (I recommend the latest version for less visible traces of fingers). A chtit pickguard carbon fiber, ca can gadget, but it adds to the class model.
The bridge is a tone pro, I do not know what it means but in any case the WP version, it is very beautiful ^ ^ ".

Regarding the handle, it is rosewood with a maple key. Therefore fairly standard. But its peculiarity in any case the price is that it is sticking to the body. There are 22 frets with dots in biohazard and VX-12 Tribal box. The details that make all the difference to the visual ...

The pickups are EMG HZ (passive version 81) mache and bridge position with a volume knob, one tone knob and a 3-position selector.

In conclusion, a very nice guitar to see, with lots of details that make it sublime and construction of large quality (EMG there anyway that cost the tier of the guitar). Only regret, box 22 to the handle (I will prefer a 24, but you can not have everything). A 9/10 well deserved ^ ^


Although obviously, it's not with this guitar we'll do the folk or country ... Nah, it'll be just to make music with distortion (EMG requires). The handle is limited shred type handle a mixture of wizard and strat neck. Very pleasant to touch, it goes around fairly quickly. Same to treble thanks to the glue stick. It is not very heavy, at least I was expecting more because of the heavy mahogany. The only worry is the form must be careful when playing on the walls standing. Small tip: thanks to the tip above, you can put your arm when the piece allows it ^ ^.


Better to use an amp with a good distortion of quality to take advantage of EMG. Personally, I use a Marshall 15 CFR and it's pure bliss! We feel the edge of the HZ pickups and power is enhanced by the 15 watts. And of course appropriate for my style of music. Metallica, Megadeath, BFMV, A7X, Ozzy Osbourn, everything goes!
The only trouble with this guitar, it is the microphones: a big lack of versatility. HZ are very sharp and aggressive in acute by the cons that between fat and heavy distortion, do not go far hoped. Even lowering the tone and putting himself in position neck, still feeling the edge. Goodbye black, death and thrash (Slayer style or anthrax) metal ... You can always change the neck pickup for an EMG HZ 4A (passive replica of 89), but hey ... so take a guitar that has this type of microphones from the start ...
A 7/10 for lack of versatility.


I use it for two months and jsuis conquered. A very nice guitar with surpenantes features for its price. I tried a Stratocaster and a replica strat, a Wilshire ear, an Ibanez S-series and jpeux tell you that the Cort crushed all, whether the visual level as noise.

I specify that the VX models (whether the 2/4/X or V VX) are difficult to find. I ordered a 4X VX Style Guitar on black and they have them shipped to me two weeks later the WP version that costs € 70 more expensive. A bargain!

I think so, I do it again this choice, but by changing the microphones against. But otherwise it has nothing to envy to an Ibanez or LTD for the same price.