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User Review

choquette's review - Ibanez DM-1000

Digital Delay "vintage" 12-bit 34KHz (Chorus and Flanger are very easy to obtain) max delay time: 1 second
footswitch input for bypass, HOLD function (infinite loop)
Modulation (adjustable speed and depth), basic EQ (1 TONE knob)
you can select positive negative feedback / pulling the knob
connectivity front / rear well stocked, DRY output / separate WET ...


can not get any easier


the sound is really interesting, much more than the delays Roland, Boss or Korg the same time, itch, with certain sound sources it creates for some strange harmonic overtones "do not pass" in the A / DD / A converter giving a small 8-bit effect. it is perfect for the sound "80" of course, but also for the Dub techno ...


many people the home who tried rushed to buy one, different moèles (DM-500, DM-2000) are identical only the maximum delay time changes, 500ms for 500, 2 seconds for 2000)

only drawback for use studio's sound levels of input / output are rather intended for guitar rack system (switch-20db or-10db)