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User Review

THAUT's review - PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2

A compact digital console like in my chest, combined with a macbook pro for recording (and my microphone ... etc ...) 12 XLR connectors and 2-way stereo RCA / jack.
For more detail, we find the instructions anywhere :)


Very simple, very well done manual, everything is accessible by a button press (this is what makes the strength of consoles presonus) And the top: After recording, I can rebalance recording from my PC to the console to mixing ... Royal.


No breath, good EQ (including a 31 band for stereo output), in short, nothing to complain about either the top :) The sound is faithful to the (I compared with stereo recordings with my MK12 on my VS-100 Roland, no difference and that is the good stuff ...)


I use it for 2 years now, I had the Opps test other consoles school sound engineering, internship in Montreuil and in some theaters and rehearsal rooms. The value for money is simply amazing.
Pros: As simple to use as an analog, but with more features, and digital. The possibility of mixing on the same console at home or studio rebalançant 16 tracks on the console.

The -: Maybe the absence of motorized fader (well me I do not mind), but it explains the price.

If I had a little more money, I will buy a 24.1 for more entries, but for most of training, 12 XLR inputs and 2 stereo line inputs is enough.