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User Review

Everything you need in 9kg - Reviews PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2

Already said everything ...


The settings in this table are of extreme simplicity is its greatest asset!
I had to take a look at the manual for one or two functions, the rest is all alone in ten minutes.
Management scenes, effects presets or "Fat Channel" is also amazingly simple.
Same for shipments to, you see everything in a glance. We almost feel of an analog machine, where each function has its associated knob.
I've tested a 01v, the presonus is much higher on this point.

I am frankly disappointed on the other hand on one point: the white between each scene change. A tenth of a second unacceptable!
I am often musician alone without sound engineer. I use a lot my loop pedal to build my instrumentations. I wanted to change the scene during the song depending on the instruments I record while loops running in background ... Well, it's messed with the Presonus, white in music each instrument change! So I am forced to add a second analog table, just two stereo tracks, a "loop out" other "output table / direct micro". It also works, but it's a shame.

The other weak point: MIDI. Yes it is nice to change the scene, changing effects with a MIDI foot pedal, but it's still frankly limited. I had hoped to at least control the mute pedal, especially as the console is easily controllable via Firewire with the bundled software, why not MIDI?


Regarding the sound, I'm pretty satisfied for the digital age.
Preamps are compelling for a small table in this category.
The reverbs are quite nice, it does not seem to me they are worse than on my Lexicon MX400.
Compressors and equalizers fulfill their role properly, although I quickly realized they were not up to my analog compressors and equalizers. At the same time, considering the price of this table, it would have been the height it sounds better!


I chose this table to replace my big rack effects 40kg and my analogue desk.
My back is very satisfied, and the shock of my car!

This is a very good Swiss Army knife, nothing grand, but very suitable for small services with a mid-range sound.
Although I was disappointed by this white between scenes and the weakness of MIDI, I do it again this choice without hesitation.
It is also the lightest and most portable, and it matters!