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User Review

ericthegreat's review - Roland RD-700SX

I bought a new RD700sX 3 years ago. It's a good stage box, very versatile with the four layers, foot controller, and a good assortment of factory patches. I've tweaked the patches considerably, and am mostly pleased with the product.


Very simple manual.


I have two major annoyances:
(a) The acoustic and electric pianos sound like a stinking pile of failure.
The acoustics are boxy, mid-heavy, brittle, and just plain ANNOYING.
I've spent many days tweaking them, and still hate them. I think I will have to buy a stereo 1/3-octave EQ for this problem.

(b) The software has a bug that causes the box to forget that it has the lowest octave. During my 5-hour show, I will usually have to cycle the power several times, to restore the lower octave. It has always done this. I have never found a firmware upgrade.


Overall, it has amazing 3 grand pianos 3 electric pianos ivory pha3 keys easy to use nice sound & after touch the best rd series congratulations to roland job well done very recommended gear to all whos looking for digital pianos promise you wont get disappoint on this gear its perfect for you. the RD-700S X (which includes the SuperNATURAL Pianos). The NX is just the next in the line up. I have loved the RD-700 since the SX series several years back, and Rolands has always outdone themselves. The Touch and Feel of the Third Gen - Progressive Hammer Action (PHA3) keys is the BEST in the business, and the synthetic Ivory keys are amazingly effective when out gigging and you get those sweaty hands. Now, in comparison to other stage pianos, the RD-700SX and NX are some of the heaviest stage pianos in the business because of the PHA3..... so if weight is a concern too you, I would look into the RD-300SX. But, I have had many Pianists sit and play my RD-700SX and comment on how shocked they are at the quality of sound and realism of the Action. But I also wish I had a 300sx sometimes as well, Cause the RD-weighs over 55 pounds. So bear that in mind