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User reviews on Roland RD products

I`ve played on a Roland RD-800 at a music store a while back. (Roland - RD-800)

By John-Michael Mahnke, 16/07/2015
I`ve played on a Roland RD-800 in a music store a while back, it has 1113 instrumental sounds on it. The only thing that`s tricky about it. is when you have the cathedral organ or the Grand Pipes, then you go and select another instrumental sound on it, then back to whatever you had, you have to turn the dial on it until you find where you had it. They ought to put presets on it just like the Technics Pianos have, But overall they are lots of fun to play on too. I tried other instruments just as well. With the Roland RD-800, you can have up to four different instrumental sounds at the same time. But an overall a great keyboard. To operate the Roland RD-800 lookup then Roland RD-800.

Roland RD700NX built like a tank (Roland - RD-700NX)

By tradcab, 09/05/2017
I use this as my main gigging piano and have done for the last seven years. I have had to go into the editing as deep as I can to get the acoustic piano sound that satisfied me, but I feel I have now achieved this. It can be hard to get a good live sound with this board straight out of the box but with work it can be done.
I have recorded extensively with this piano and it is compares well with an acoustic grand piano and better than many I have played.
In my opinion is is a better gigging machine than the RD800 which has much more plastic in its construction . I am happy to see that the new RD2000 has gone back to the metal casing set up. I've yet to try one to see if it is worth changing from my RD700NX.

I have done at least 700 gigs with this piano and it has never let me down, I have played all the major brands but I still find the combination of action and sound (once edited) to be the best all round gigging piano.

I checked out the Roland RD-2000 in a music store today. (Roland - RD-2000)

By Technics PR-305, 20/07/2017
I went to a music store today and played on the Roland RD-2000 keyboard. It has 1113 intrumantal sounds just as much as the Roland RD-800 keyboard has. I looked up on then Roland RD-2000 and how operate it. It allows up to four instrumental sounds at the same time. You can get the drawbar organ sounds by pressing the TW organ sound button. The only thing is the RD-2000 deosn`t have speakers built in to it. They are lots of fun to play and operate once you played around on it for awhile,It also has a transpose minus 48 and plus 48 so you can play in different keys that you`re not use to play in, you have to have an amp to it. A good amp l saw in the adds like Sam Ash Music and Guitar Centers on the computer are Beringer KXD-15 they are 600 watt amps. They aught to build in the speakers to it next time. To operate it write in the search box Roland RD-2000 and it will take you right to it.

It's a Stage General, a Performance Powerhouse, Also Fantastic for the Studio (Roland - RD-2000)

By NNMAUS, 18/04/2019
First, let me correct something here. The RD 2000 has 8 independent zones (which means, you can play up to 8 patches/sounds at a time, and adjust each of them independently). But you can combine even more than 8 at a time with a DAW of course.
It does not need built-in speakers... why? Because it is a Stage Digital Piano; it was designed focused on the professional use. But despite being marketed as a digital piano, it does has the power of an extremely powerful MIDI controller, bundled with extensive MIDI features, including combinations and scenes, great DAW integration with a built-in audio interface at 24bit/48Khz, and it has more than 1,100 non-piano sounds, including organs, synths, brass, orchestral strings, and many others, plus the expansions. And gorgeous pianos sounds (which for me is a top priority) and many great other sounds. In fact, this is much more than just a digital piano.

But one of my favorite things about the RD 2000 is the authentic hammer action and escapement; this keybed captures every nuance of your expression, you can feel how this piano reacts to your expression as you play. It is the Roland's premium PHA-50 keyboard action which other than a real grand piano, the RD 2000 is the one that has given me the most satisfactory action and feel. This includes an advanced sensor mechanism which makes it incredibly responsive to acoustic and electric pianos.

The piano sounds are gorgeous. But I recommend you two things to have the same happiness that I have with this piano: 1st, install the latest system update from the Roland website. 2nd, learn to create your own (custom) piano sound; it's easy and there are instructional videos online to help you. Why? Because your idea of how a piano sound should be, is different than my idea, and anyone else idea. Everybody has a different preference. But that's one of the great things about the RD 2000, it does gives you an easy way to create your own dream piano. Both, the V-Piano Engine and the SuperNatural sound engine, both are amazing. Try it!

And there's a lot of features and good things to say about this instrument, but I don't want to make this review longer.

If you are a pianist, your top priority is the piano sounds and the action/feel. This instrument gives you that, plus the MIDI and stage/performance features.

In a few words: When I bought this piano, I was just trying it, but then I couldn't resist to this instrument, and I keep it. I was so amazed of everything! Roland made a really great job with this instrument. I love it forever!

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Roland RD-300NX

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