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Keep it clean (Shure - M78S)

By JimboSpins, 20/02/2013
The Shure M78S is a wide groove phono cartridge is designed for use with wide groove 78 RPM records. This is not a cartridge that should be used for a club or battle style. I have only used this cartridge just for general listening on a Shure record player here in my house. But the N78S replacement stylus will work with just about any one of the Shure phono cartridges.
This cartridge comes with mounting hardware and stylus guard. It does come with a manual just in case you need to understand how to install it but that is not that difficult. The price of this cartridge is less than 100 dollars depending on where you get it and if you are playing more 78RPM records I highly recommend this cartridge. It is very easy to remove the stylus from the cartridge but you just have to be careful, even when connecting the wires from the head shell because everything seems very delicate with this cartridge.
I also recommend using the cleaning brush that comes with the M78S to clean the stylus often, and do not use any type of liquid (besides distilled water) to clean the stylus. I have damaged the styles of the M78S by using the wrong substance to clean it with and had to purchase another one. Also do not use this cartridge on a damaged record because it will damage the cartridge/stylus.
This is a very good cartridge depending on the style of vinyl you own or want to listen to. Due to the fact that this cartridge is very delicate I do not recommend it when there are so many other cartridges that are similar and cost a little less with the exact same quality and sound. For those that are considering purchasing this cartridge do some research to see if it is something that you really want to invest in because Shure makes other cartridges that are similar sound and quality wise and they cost the same or even a little less.

The Pro S is one of the best I own (Ortofon - CC Pro S)

By JimboSpins, 21/02/2013
The Pro S from Ortofon has a rubber bearing that can handle all of the scratching and back cuing easily. This company is a great company when it comes to making needles and cartridges, I have been using them for years for some of my best gear that I have. I have used this set of needles for over 5 years from the and there is nothing that I didn’t like about it. The output voltage is at 1000Hz, 5 mV and the stylus type is spherical. The frequency range is at -3 dB 20 to 20,000 Hz.
Installing this needle / cartridge is easy if you know how to do it or if you want to read the manual that comes with it, it will explain everything also Ortofon has some of the best customer service I have ever experienced and they have been really helpful. When I purchased it , it came with a case, a brush and a few extra tips as well. The price was also very affordable when I purchased directly from Ortofon.
I can easily see the needle on the pro S that has really helped me when doing clubs with low lighting. I can now have my needle drops exactly where I want them. I have been using this needle for a while now and many others around the same time. I can say that the Pro S from Ortofon is by far one of the best ones that I have ever purchased and used in the last 10 years.
Even the replacement stylus for the Pro S is not that expensive and can be purchased from just about any music gear store as they all pretty much carry the Ortofon Concorde now. I am very pleased with this company and needle/cartridge; I will purchase from them a lot more in the future.

Great for home, not a great output for gigs (Shure - WhiteLabel)

By Jocelyn Silver, 05/02/2016
I'm a new vinyl dj with only 1.5 years under my belt. After a disaster with some discount needles, I purchased a pair of these, encouraged by the reviews and price. For a long time I thought I was the smartest dj on the block, they sound great on mix recordings and on my home monitor and I was spending far less on the cart/stylus combo pack then most of my friends were on there needles. On top of sounding great at home and on mixes I liked the nice bright stylus making it easier to spot your exact drop point at dark gigs.

But speaking of gigs, I kept getting asked why I play so quiet. "I don't" I would say, I play to 7 but don't redline like everyone else does, I'm right and they're wrong" I'd say or thing. Until finally a good friend in the know approached me and told me it wasn't me but likely my needles output. Now I haven't looked up the supposed output of these but it made so much sense that I did finally end up replacing these. Again, sound fine at home and mixes sound great, but my output was to the same level as everyone else on the mixer but softer out of the speaker with these.

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