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User reviews on Audio Interface for DJ products

Best for the Skratch Masters (Native Instruments - Traktor Kontrol Z2)

By djqbert, 28/09/2016
Best mixer in the world right now for the hard core skratchers... and I got all the other great mixers too! I can only recommend this mixer for deep nerdy skratchers. If you're just gonna do club mixing and some skratching here and there, then just get serato based mixers or anything else... Those will do just fine. But if you are a pro skratcher that really knows the little tiny detailed techniques, then you already should be aware of Traktor's mixer capabilities! It has double the processing speed compared to the highest competitor mixers. I need this extra edge for those complex intricate skratch techniques. It's so close to the real thing, I sometimes can't even tell the difference from real vinyl anymore! I thought it would take forever to get here, but we are truly living in the future.

One of The Best DJ Investments I've Made (Rane - Scratch live SL)

By Dj-Emir Santana, 17/04/2015
The switch from straight Vinyl to Serato took me some time, not because of the software but rather because I had to build my digital library. So for a few months while I did that I was rocking both Serato with my Laptop and regular Vinyl records. Good thing too since one day I forgot to plug in the laptop and it ran out of power in the middle of a set, luckily I had an acapella on regular vinyl playing on one turntable and the instrumental was on my laptop playing through serato, as soon as I noticed the instrumental dropped and noticed my laptop had gone blank I quickly grabbed a regular record threw on the instrumental on there and kept the party rocking with no one the wiser. The ability top use either digital vinyl or regular vinyl with your serato set up obviously can save the day if something goes wrong as it did that particular day. It is a very versatile system and once you have your music set up in your laptop or on a portable drive to use on someone elses laptop if need be it really opens you up to be a more versatile DJ as you can now transport huge music libraries without having to lug 8+ crates of records. This also means traveling as a DJ is much easier now as well. The relative mode also allows you to create loops, samples and cue points to jump to allowing you to get really creative with your mixing and you can even remix beats on the fly using cue points to map out drums then use the cues with Novation Dicers, Rane or other mixers that have cue pads, midi supported devices or even with your computers keystrokes to use as mini drum pads. Serato allows traditional Vinyl DJs to make the switch to the digital music file world while still giving them the precision control offered by traditional vinyl turntables the perfect melding of the old with the new to free the DJ to do what they do best, create great mixes and keep the party rocking. This is one of the best investments I have made. There are plenty of products now that have serato built in including the Rane 62 and Rane 57 mixers and now even some new Pioneer mixers out there have serato built in as well. The SL Box is still a good thing to have in your bag in case you need to connect to an older mixer otherwise for yourself you can get one of the mixers with serato already built in.

SENSEI HAUS Vinyl Surface Discs SL-DZ1200 (Sensei Haus - VSD)

By tarika, 20/03/2015

"playing piano all my life, I am a music producer and song writer for all genres of music. I also play guitar, drums, base, violin...user and genius at Cubase..:) I collect technics turntables and have a huge vinyl collection that spans every person in the universe's taste!

Bought the disc from online store. unit cost $99 saw on there was a platter that replaced the orginal, got the decks on 05 and bought these discs this summer as the orginal feels nothing like vinyl.

1.Fits the Technics perfectly. 2.Gets rid of the clicking noise the original platter made when you used it too mix. 3. Looks great, I got the black ones, so now my DZ's look like a real analog deck, with a real record on. 4. Real vinyl feels great, its a bit heavier than the original, the original has a smooth surface and gets dirty and slippy and you cant mix properly with the sweat on the top, you dont have that with this. 5 better scratching grip" for the turntablist and manipulating grip for the Beat/BPM mixing DJ. The slightly added density of real vinyl (0.4 approx) allows for longer brake Stop,backspins and improves numerous turntable maneuvers.

can't really say anything bad, just that technics should have thought of this in the first place. Thought $99 for over all improving my deck was ok?

Its definitely a good quailty and weight of vinyl. The holes on either side for the disc to fit to the platter turntable actually fit better then the supplied! It looks great, has a cool audio track in the grooves just like a real record so you can put a needle on it and play if you like, that's cool. Definitely 10 /10 on construction and just adds to the overall deck.

if you have a technics sl dz then I say this is a good investment, period."

Thank you! I bought some because of this review. Love Them!

News Audio Interface for DJ

[NAMM] A vinyl interface for Serato

Published on 01/24/15
Denon DJ had this brilliant idea with the DS1, a small tool for turntablist DJs that is introduced this weekend at NAMM 2015.

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