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User Review

Get the MKII version - Reviews Stanton Magnetics DJ Pro 3000

The DJ PRO 3000 MKII DJ headphones are very clean; they have a wide frequency range with a pair of 50mm drivers that can handle just about any mixer output that is made. These headphones are very comfortable because I have had them on for hours before and it was hard to tell that I even had them on. They also do a great job of enclosing the ear to keep all outside noise absent from your listening. They cord is detachable for storage, or if it needs to be replaced it is not that hard to do. The price of the DJ PRO 3000 MKII is pretty decent at right around 100 dollars.
They have passive high and low pass filters and blue LED lights that blink to the beat/bpm of the music which is pretty cool especially if you are a performing DJ it never hurts to give me of a visual to your crowd with cool blinking lights.
The sound is very clean and the best part about them is the noise cancellation capabilities. You do not have to worry about hearing anything other than the music with them even in a loud club you will not hear anything but what is coming through the headphones.
My only complaint with them is that they could have been made a little better. The quality of materials does not seem to be as good as I think it should be. It just seems like the build of them does not match the sound quality and maybe that is what comes with headphones in this price range but it would have been nice to have a better construction to them so you can travel worry free with them. They seem like they could break at any time and that worried me a lot. But the sound is extremely good and I highly recommend these, just make sure you take great care of them! These can be purchased in the standard Pro 3000, or the MKII Pro 3000 from Stanton.