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Great for DJ'ing and Listening (Pioneer - HDJ-500)

By JimboSpins, 26/02/2013
The Pioneer DJ HDJ 500 K headphones are a pair of closed back DJ headphones that have a 40 mm magnet driver and removable cable. These headphones are very affordable and that is probably the only reason I chose to give them a shot. Costing only 100 dollars, I was looking for a pair of headphones that would be great for DJ use and general listening use that I could take on the road with me and not have to worry about damaging my main pair of headphones. The HDJ 500 K is very comfortable around my head even after wearing them for long periods of time. The ear cups are very soft and do not irritate my ears.
The sound of HDJ 500 K are very good for this price. The highs and mids are clean and crisp and the low end has a nice thump to it making it easy to DJ with because I can match up tempos and beats easily. The only thing about these headphones that I feel could cause an issue is the build of them not being as durable as I like my headphones to be but at this price I didn’t expect to get something that would be able to withstand the tough life on the road. I have been using these headphones for a while now and I am even thinking of getting a second pair just to leave at home.
I have used many other Pioneer headphones and some of them are really good and some not so good. These are very good for the price I just don’t think they are that durable and heavy duty. I do recommend getting these though and they could be a great pair of headphones if you are looking for your first pair of DJ headphones. The HDJ headphones from Pioneer are very good, they make a few ones that have the same “Rare Earth” Magnet Driver in them.

Decent sound, cheap price (Sennheiser - HD 205-II)

By JimboSpins, 26/02/2013
The Sennheiser HD 205 II are a “cheaper” pair of headphones price wise, they have a closed back and rotating ear cups. I do not feel like they are very comfortable though, after wearing them for over an hour I could definitely feel them on my head getting uncomfortable and I wanted to take them off from time to time. They only cost around 75 dollars though, so that could probably be the reason. The bass in them is very good though; I did some DJ sets in them as well as use them for studio use from time to time.
The ear pads can be replaced, which will need to be done eventually because they do not last that long on these headphones. They come with a ¼ adapter and a carrying pouch for transportation. After using them multiple times the rotating part of the ear cup started to get kind of “loose” and felt like it was losing its strength. I could not replace any parts for that myself and Sennheiser told me that they could fix it but for the price they were going to charge me it was not worth it being that the headphones only cost 75 dollars.
I was using these back in 2011 and they lasted me about 6 months before I put them aside and didn’t use them again. For the price the sound is pretty good though, if you are in search of your first pair of DJ headphones I do recommend these but you will need to upgrade to something that is more durable for the road because they will not last that long without having to replace ear cups.
These also do a great job with different styles of music; I have used them with Dance, Trance, Techno and Top 40 Pop music and the worked great with no matter what I used them with. The bass is really smooth and deep. I do not suggest trying to mix your bass in them though (in studio). I got many sloppy bass mixes with them.

Loud and clear headphones (Numark - PHX)

By DJKnightfever, 18/10/2013
Thes headphones give crystal clear sound at a volume that can be heard even when the music from the club or hall is pounding. very usefull cable options so you can choose if you use a curly cable or straight. and you can choose soft velvet cup covers or leather effect cup covers.

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