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User reviews on DMX Effect products

flexible led display like this (JB Systems - Led Devil II)

By leddisplay, 08/06/2011
I like this topic,It's amazing, I want to know more, thanks for your share.
The flexible led curtain ( ) and
soft led display ( ) are very hot now.

Excellent (Contest - LED-MOON)

By alexbox 44, 05/09/2011
Very powerful, sold by two pieces, it is great

Buy more than 1 (ADJ (American DJ) - H2O LED DMX Pro)

By JimboSpins, 26/10/2012
The American DJ H20 LED is a water flowing LED light that cost 170 USD, it is easy to install but it is not very portable. Depending on what you set up is, this needs to be bolted to a ceiling bracket. If you are in a club that will allow you put these up then it is worth it. But you really don’t want to get these if you have to put them up then take them down. These are more of a permanent solution to LED lights.

The lenses on the H20 LED are very delicate. You have to be careful when changing them or even handling them for that matter. They can get damaged or scratched very easily. The H20 LED only takes 1 bright 10W LED and it is amazing when projected on the floors, and when used for background lighting for a live show. There are 6 different colors on the H20 LED, blue, yellow, purple, white, orange, and green. The H20 LED can rotate to a 34 degree angle and it projects pretty far.

I have been using the American DJ H20 DJ light for a while and it has never gave any issues, we have installed over 5 of these in one of the clubs that I do most of my shows at. We do not take them down though, it is just too much work to put them up then take them down. We just leave them there and use them when it is time to perform. The value for the price of these lights are great, you get some really good lighting for an affordable price, the price is low enough that it allows you to purchase more than just one of them so you can have your whole dance floor or stage lit up well and keep the lights there for each time you need them. I recommend getting a few of these.

News DMX Effect

Chauvet Sweeper LED Effect Lights

Published on 02/11/11
The Sweeper LED features six 3W, tri-colored LEDs and can be used together, working in master/slave mode.

Chauvet 6SPOT LED Effect Lights

Published on 02/11/11

[NAMM] American DJ Spherion TRI LED

Published on 01/25/11