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User Review

Know why we buy - Reviews ADJ (American DJ) Revo 4

I chose this end for the "enlightening" side. Let me explain: our focus on live, duet evenings, we try to have the least possible machinery side lights, the rest is already complicated to manage. LED current effects are nice but not as light bulbs effects. Our good old "Crater" from Starway was great as good lighting "ambiance" of the track, but it was still an all time "background" and only in music mode effect.

Today we mainly uses two Quad Phase whose movements controllable (via pedals) are beautiful and effective. BUT, the public is a little too much in the dark.

With the Revo 4 in central it's perfect, because completely different effect, to move towards the ground (Quad Phase rather on the walls), and above all, even if we do not case the excellent reasons to the ground, it produces a atmosphere much appreciated and "comfortable" for public lighting.

However, the Revo 4 is preferred in a large room, I think. On a small area that is a shame, better a good multi-effect, especially if you have the misfortune of having to move to a corner, it's even more damage.

Personally, we chose simply scroll through the presets with small wired remote option. In the end it is mainly for the "on / off" because the presets are very "smart" in terms of music. This is another strength of this effect except brightness: it looks like he knows the songs by heart!


Good effect in a large room, provided they are "right" from the ground (to have a clean trapeze)

Good brightness, including "atmosphere"

Not enough value in a small room

Really nice presets and "intelligent"

Wired remote advised to scroll through the presets (especially given the reviews of the DMX mode)